Doctors Turn to Terrorism in London, Putting India in a Spot

I have a cousin who is a doctor in London. Given the crackdown on the medical terror ring in the U.K., doctors may soon become one of the most feared there. This is because, from wielding the knife on the operating table, some of them appear to have taken to the gun.

Before my cousin gets edgy reading this, let me quickly clarify that she is a non-violent she, so she (pardon me for the alliterative tongue-twister) has nothing to do with the recent discovery that people from the medical fraternity are involved in terrorist activity in the U.K.

If indeed my cousin is reading this, she may get homicidal urges and want to kill (there I go again!!) me. Well. she is a god-fearing, born-again Christian. Not that it matters as, to me, goodness transcends religion.

We have some things in common – in particular, the zodiac sign (we are both Geminians), temperament (moodiness), crankiness and openness. We pull no punches back and are never too shy to make our thoughts known. I have a special bond with her and we have generally behaved more as friends than cousins, confiding in each other in the same breath as we trade barbs.

It makes no sense for me to go discuss it any further and induce a big yawn in you. Suffice it to say that soon a close friend and her family will be relocating to London from India. When that happens I will have a strong reason to visit London with my family.

I haven’t been to London since March 2000. The land that gave the world its lingua franca, the right to free speech and literary masterpieces that will weather the test of time is now reduced to a breeding ground of terrorism, racism and cultural decadence.

After the London blasts in 2005, South Asians have not had it good there. But Indians were above blame as terror plots were generally hatched in Pakistan. Now, the recent foiled attacks in Glasgow and London point to the involvement of Indian doctors.

I had long stopped believing that terrorism is the result of some misguided illiterates. The recent arrests in the U.K. and Australia of doctors and others with enviable educational qualifications go to reinforce that.

And that indeed is a pity – the intelligentsia among Muslims treading the terror path when they should be the ones leading the ignorant masses from their faith away from it!

–G Joslin Vethakumar


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