DGS Dhinakaran, a Powerful Preacher

Lack of focus on charity work was a key failing
One of the biggest failings of Brother DGS Dhinakaran, who passed away yesterday, was that he presided over wealth that could have been channeled into charity work for a lasting, controversy-free legacy.
It was wealth gained through his evangelical prowess, an ability beyond compare to win over the devout among Christians through his passionate and powerful preachings and prayers.
It may not have been ill-gotten money, as people in trouble turned to him with the faith that he could soothe their souls and bring them redemption through prayers. But as religion was the basis, some genuine charity work will have been complementary.
Over time, his popularity began to sink, with his family viewed as being too self-centered. It is a pity that a man of such divine calibre did not get himself into even more noble pursuits though he had the means to do that.
I have had the chance to attend one of his impressive prayer meetings in Singapore. A powerful preacher with an incredible knowledge of the Bible, he could keep his audiences in rapt attention, which was in strikiing contrast to the boring sermons at churches. I had also been to his Jesus Calls Ministry in Chennai once before I moved to Singapore.
The Indian news portals hardly covered his death. You can get the details from http://www.jesuscalls.org/adv/2008_brdgs.htm
May his soul rest in peace!
G Joslin Vethakumar

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