Jallikattu, Shame of Tamil Nadu

What’s so courageous about hundreds of people throwing in all their ugly might to tame a single, helpless bull? That’s what I saw in a news clip a little while ago.

Watching it, I could see myself flinching in shame at being a Tamilian! There are more reasons to be ashamed of, though! Such as a population that is indirectly perpetuating corruption by supporting the Dravidian parties.

— G Joslin Vethakumar



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4 responses to “Jallikattu, Shame of Tamil Nadu

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  4. PNB Pillai

    If the power and might used for torturing the bull is spent for some productive works like building roads, cleaning the roads, bringing safety and hygiene among the masses etc would have at least helped the public. The so called protest against the SC order should be strictly dealt with.

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