Outsource Games Corruption Investigation to Ensure the Culprits Do Not Get Away with Mild Punishment

After all, India is a Country where the Influential Go Scot-Free even for Rape and Murder

Some of the best attractions at the Delhi Commonwealth Games, from the Aerostat to the laser show, were imported creations. And some of the most boring stuff, such as the crooning and screaming by Bollywood singers at the closing ceremony, were part of the in-country chaos.

Why then should we have the investigation into charges of massive corruption by Suresh Kalmadi, Sheila Dikshit and company held within India? Experience shows that investigations and court cases involving influential Indians are nothing but an eyewash. People with political connections easily get away with even murder and rape in India.

When India wanted to get the best for the Games, they got it by engaging creative groups from the West. So, when it is clear that all the corrupt rascals will continue to loll in the hundreds of crores of rupees that they squeezed out of the Games without any compunction and escape any form of harsh punishment, why should the nation trust Indian agencies in carrying it out? No probe panel has been known to be above aboard in India.

Perhaps India should bring in China to probe the corruption charges and mete out punishments to those found guilty, even if it meant execution. After all, they (from Kalmadi to Sheila Dikshit) completely messed up with the reputation of India in global eyes.

Fake Investigations, Light Punishments

Let us remember, in the end, what will linger is not how well India did at the opening and closing ceremonies, but how poorly prepared the country was for the Games and how corruption held sway. The litany of corrupt instances is part of Indian and Games history that will stay entrenched.

Permanent damage has been done to India. So, fake investigations and light punishments will mean little consolation for the common Indian who was hoping the country will hit the global stage in style.

How Kalmadi and Co Swindled India!

Here is a sampling of how Kalmadi and his minions threw away money at will:

  • Renting a treadmill for 45 days, paying at least three times more than the cost of buying it
  • Renting an umbrella for around US$150 when for the same cost the organizers could have bought no less than 25 umbrellas
  • A tissue roll for around US$100 when it will have cost just about a dollar
  • There are millions of other things that were rented for prices several times higher than the cost of buying them.

Looking at the scale, there is no doubt that only the shameless and spineless could have done it all!

— G Joslin Vethakumar



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