Super Singer 3: Saicharan Wins Despite Shameless Attempt by Judges, Vijay TV to Push Satyaprakash

Vijay TV and the Super Singer 3 judging gang tried their best last night  to make Satyaprakash (wonder if he is a Malayalee) win the show but the public appears to have seen through their game and voted to give Saicharan the crown, deservingly so.

The judges and the film crew that Vijay TV employs typically conspire with the channel to give prominence to their preferred contestants, but the public have the say in the finals.

Still, the full battalion of judges and singers hired by Vijay TV tried to tilt the balance in favour of Satyaprakash by giving him a standing ovation when he finished singing yesterday. That was unwarranted as any move that could influence voting in the finals can only be construed as fraud.

Unnikrishnan, Srinivas, Sujatha, Nithyashree and almost everyone associated with judging during the earlier phases were among the culprits toeing the line of Vijay TV.  The only time they showed some shame and looked embarrassed was when the contestants of their choice finished at the bottom and the two they eliminated took the first two slots.

This is not the first time that something like this has been enacted on Vijay TV. I remember it happened during the last Super Singer Junior event when the judging gang gave a standing ovation to Alka. But that time Alka was voted to the top. That goes to show the public pick the best!

Satyaprakash is a good singer although he has a limited repertoire and often sounds fake and laboured. But, to me, Saicharan and Santhosh (as well as Srinivas and Koushik) are better singers.

Play to your Strengths, Not Fix Your Weaknesses: Pooja, Dhanyashree and Malavika came into the show as good singers but at the end of it all they started to stray from their areas of expertise.

They did so to appease the judges who made it appear that being strong at melody and classical singing was not good enough. Singing well became a sin on the show. So they ended up sacrificing their strengths and playing to the gallery. Vijay TV is doing a disservice to society with these programmes.

Commonsense dictates that you have to tap your strengths and build on them, not attempt to rectify your weaknesses. Ultimately, only your strengths make you succeed and differentiate yourself. This is gospel in the world of education, employment and art. Trying to be a jack of all trades will ensure you embrace mediocrity with no excellence in any one area.

Vijay TV is deviating from this simple fact of life in an attempt to boost its own popularity and fill its coffers with cash.

Foreign Mediocrity: Moreover, I have consistently been against bringing foreign mediocrity into the show. But Vijay TV did just that because it had strong interests overseas, trying to market their channel/shows among NRIs.  I am all for encouraging talent wherever it may be. But there has to be a distinction between talent and mediocrity.

If Vijay TV and the other Tamil channels like Sun TV want to encourage foreigners of Indian origin, let them do it the regular way and not bring them through the backdoor. Vijay TV did just that. While Indian participants had to go through intense screening competing with hundreds of thousands of top talent for a place in the show, it was just a breeze for foreigners. Getting them to compete with local talent was an insult to Indians.

Vijay TV yesterday even rewarded one of the foreigners on the show for no worthwhile reason.

Malayalee Domination: I cannot conclude this post without saying that by all indications, Vijay TV is doing all it can to promote Malayalees in their shows. I see a profusion of people from Kerala in all the shows on Vijay TV.

I don’t care who they are as long as they deliver but when people like Suchitra and Divya are imposed on the audience despite their lack of skills that deserve recognition it gets a little annoying. Too many non-Tamils in a Tamil show is something that needs to be sternly discouraged.

G Joslin Vethakumar



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47 responses to “Super Singer 3: Saicharan Wins Despite Shameless Attempt by Judges, Vijay TV to Push Satyaprakash

  1. Vanavil

    Sathya is any day superior to the other singers. He sings from his heart and oozes talent unlike a few that stoop to the level of politicians to request votes. True talents like Sathya will go places regardless of these realty shows and results.

  2. thiloshini

    the show in the beggining was a td boring but i thoroughly enjoyed Sai Charan, he brought life to the show
    Thiloshini –

  3. swathy

    Hi Joslin. I am addressing it directly to you because you seem to hate sathya.. well if not in reality that is how it looks form ur post, if by any chnace u had the opportunity to see all his performance you wud hav recognised tat he is by far a tough and a able singer to compete wid.. i am not sayin sai charan did not talents but not as good as sathya’s. Sai won n trust me do u think it was the public votin tat decided his victory. He has been tryin for this award since he was a kid, if this time also he was not awarded there wud hav been grudges against the show form public not for not recognisin his talents but for not recognisin his continues efforts. I feel tat satya deserved the cup but was not given oly becuase some completely blind ppl feel tat he is a malyalee n he shud not be given..!!! i don understand from where did malyalkee or tamilian came in to picture in a music talent show.!! the reality is sai charan chose a poor range of song in finals. and judges hav all the rights to giv a standin applause to any performance they feel tat deserves one. I feel sorry for ur narrow approach to talent.!

    • 1. I try not to hate anyone.
      2. But I have a revulsion for fraud. Vijay TV and its judges had no qualms airing it in public.
      3. Questionable actions have to be questiooned. The show’s mandate was to have the winner picked by the voting public. So Vijay TV and its compliant judges thus had no business to try and influence voters.
      4. If they wanted to pick their own favourites, then they should have made the finals also business as usual without involving the public.
      5. All four contestants had given better performances during the earlier stages of the show. The judges did not give them a standing ovation in unison even then. Why this sudden display of affection at the voting stage?
      6. If it was the first time they are doing it, I could have taken it as an exception. But doing it at every such finals has become a habit for them, so that is more than a hiint of fraud.
      7. Not just judges, all celebrities that Vijay TV brought to the show also toed the channel’s line. A clear indication of fraud.
      8. I have no objection to bringing Malayalees on the show as long as they represent real talent, without reflecting the prejudices of Vijay TV. I am not convinced this is the case. What I am after is a level-playing field for all contestants. But Vijay TV’s actions give rise to suspicions and make them linger.

  4. Raghunadhan

    It’s a money making program with no rules. The progam is not organised how many rounds each competitor will have to sing, what type of rounds etc. and the results are not taken collectively week after week. For some reason if he/she doesn’t perform on that day he/she gets eliminated. The judgement in the final is total FAKE. The two finalist is no where in the list. It’s a mere sympathy and money making show. It runs for a year with any number of rounds, any number of people, any number of judges and above all judges keep changing every now and then. Stop watching this show.

  5. kmk

    i endorse all views of Joslinv….
    the judges are very baised towards a community…especislly srinivas..its visible …………………

    Pooja & Satya should have been the true winners…..

    Saicharan and santosh might be good singers…i dont think they deserve to be at the top…..Vijay TV is also following the footsteps of others in not following the path of Truth…..

  6. Bal Siva

    Hi Vijay Tv,

    I am a super singer 3 die hard fan, I really thank for all hard working people behind this program, But I really very, very disappoint about the final results and way the Judgment. I rally thing

    1.The final judgment not from public voting it is not correct.
    2. This is one of the best quality program in the world why bring some body from music industry legend to announced the winner results.

  7. Venkat

    It’s a big time waste.Judgement is crap and the competition organised is another big crap. Except for Show is earning in millions…

  8. hari

    Mr.joslin: where is the source for your complaints?

  9. hari

    also joslin? saicharan and santosh won only cos of sympathy !! look at sathya’s performance in finals , it was absolutely splendid !! take a bow when u see such talents. Sai is a great singer but satya is one step ahead.

  10. Malu


    By seeing your comments, I feel that you are not a true music lover. Satya is the best singer among the four and he should have been awarded the title. I feel very bad for Satya and who said that Satya is Mallu..He is a pure tamilian from Coimbatore. People mistaken him as Malayalee, because the aunty came to support him is a Malayalee. Satya and the aunty have the same guru (bagavathar) Even if he is a malayalee, I don’t care, because he is a great musician. He sings from his soul. Super singer is not super singer anymore..It is just a “Favourite Singer” show.

  11. Robert Arokiya Raj

    Hi Joslin,

    I am addressing you this for the reply you gave to Swathy. All the singer did better, but who did the best. It was obvious it was Satya. He truly deserves the standing ovation. Look at the effort and the perfection…wow what a great performance. If you check all the pre-finals and final performances Satya was outstanding. I dind’t say that Sai is bad. But Satya is great.

  12. Prabha

    Most of us dont see community. We see only one common thread thats “MUSIC” . Sathya definitely stole the show unbiased opinion by most music lover. Sai and santhosh were great too. But sathya is a shade better.

  13. RAVI

    VIJAY TV IS A NICE TV BUT THEY INSULTED POOJA BY GIVING ONLY ONE LAKH and they should have given atleast 3 lakhs as given to SATYA. VIJAY TV please organize one more program and HONOUR SATYA AND POOJA by offering something to them which would convince them. Otherwise, we all will not feel good. We are not related to Satya or POOJA. But both of them deserve the honour. KINDLY DO SOMETHING. DEAR CINE MUSIC DIRECTORS please give opportunity to SATYA AND POOJA before offering a chance to anyone else from the current band. THANKS.

  14. My post was an attack on the tactic adopted by Vijay TV and judges. It appeared to be pre-planned as they will have known from the votes polled over two weeks or so who the potential winner will be. Whether Satyaprakash should have been the winner or not is not the issue. The standing ovation was just not right, and that is the issue.

    The judges and organisers are expected to be neutral when the ultimate choice has been left with the public. The best they could have done is cast their votes for Satyaprakash, not demonstrate their choice publicly.

  15. sathyanarayan

    its a worst treat given to the fans of vijay tv. some one playing some game in the result of final of super singer .i will never see the partiality channel .worst end .never do the programme like this..
    still now i believe that vijay tv will be open to the public .bot now they are not…
    bad final result

  16. Whatever

    The judges totally spoiled the program. Sujatha says this of Pooja “Our darling”. After one particularly bad performance goes and kisses her. Srinivas was all teeth anytime Pooja was on stage. Unni plays tennis with Pooja. And there she is – the first finalist. I was like “what the hell is going on here?! Its on tele guys..!” Yuck..! Horrible – abominable – idiots – as judges. It was the most unpleasant thing day-after-day and i feel terribly for the contestants.

  17. salman

    Mr. josline

    People who do not endorse ur views may feel ashamed after seeing the outrageous behaviour of Mr. Srinivas in to-day’s programme who forgot to realise what he is at present is because of the same public. For music fraternity, it may be the technicality which deserves. But for the music loving public, a super singer means a super performer having all the qualities in singing, not the technical soundness alone.
    In an attempt to please Sathya, they degraded the judgement of the masses. Vijay tv, getting on to the top because of its super shows, may loose credibility due to the bad behaviour of the judges who are suposed to keep themselves above all partialities.

  18. Raji

    It is really sick the way vijay tv has this super singer program now after sai Charan was given the best singer and everything. Now they call in everybody including sai Charan and praise Satyaprakash to the skies. How bad and sick is this ? This is like insulting sai Charan and I hate vijay tv for doing this. Sai Charan do not let these people take you down. You are a great singer and we all love you.

  19. jamesgeraldjerry

    I perfectly agree with you Joslinv. The judges were partial, community spirit,they want malayalee to win.The record of previous winners show that. Especially srinivas he is so mean and indecent

  20. Priya

    When there is talent – it has to be appreciated. Sathya sang so damn well and that made the judges get up and applaud for him. If i am not mistaken the crowd gave him standing ovation too. I dont know about whether they are partial or not.

    But Sathya sings from his soul. Maybe he does not know the tatics of asking votes. But he is a good singer and thats why the judges honoured him on yesterday’s show – 29.9.2011. But i dont think it was right to make sai sit and watch all the praises and applause given to Satya -it was kind of rude. Poor Sai. I felt for Satya when he didnt win but now it is like insulting Sai…

  21. tp

    @joslinv – Totally agree !! The way the judges propagated “their” judgement to be the RIGHT one and how unanimously they felt that sathyaprakash was the best in the finals – rotten apples, i say. Kudos to Sai charan for taking all of this with a pinch of salt.

    What i completely do not understand is that the voting lines are opened much before the final performances.. so obviously, the votes are cast on the basis of earlier performances. how the hell does it matter how much they scored for their final performances.

    This season they have cornered and blamed the public for not voting according to the judges’ choices. Where is the public autonomy here?

    As far as my opinion goes (though it is of no importance), the channel and the judges are completely biased and selfish. They take themselves too seriously and have no idea how to conduct themselves in public. They have made a mockery out of the competition and for all it is worth, this is definitely the last time I watch super singer.

  22. chimbu

    sai charan is d best singer, after 3yrs of hardwork he won d title, sai gave a superb songs wit al his determination, in finals satya was wearing ear phones while singing in finals, dis shows d picture of satya, but no judge did point out abt dat, satya cant even memorize a fullsong a finals, wen satya was given a chance 4 asking votes he said his id as ss 57 instead of ss 01, dis shows d confidence of satya, sai got 3.5lakhs votes n satya got 1.6lakhs.

    jus look at d difference in der votes sai charan lead satya by 2lakhs
    wat a huge difference……………………

    if both sai n satya r made 2 sing together sai will be 10000 times better dan satya

    in front of sai charan satya prakash is nothing nothing

    even after no support 2 sai from judges, d people of tamil nadu made sai as super singer 3………………………………

    wat ever may be der is god who knows every thing ……………..

    sai charan god bless u may u live a long life wit music……………………………….

    sai charan rockssssssssssssss satya prakash u jus hang man

  23. dinesh

    saiiii reallyyyyy rockssssssss i lovvvvvv uuuu saiiiiii

  24. Peppin

    Yesterday’s show was an insult to Sai. It was an ugly show from VTV. Srinivas…it was too much from him.. he insulted sai like anything yday indirectly.

  25. indian

    Sai Charan truly deserved to be the winner. Sai Charan…………..You Rock.. Keep going….

  26. sakshi

    In All sessions malayalees only won the titles with the help of malayalee judges (Sujatha and unni). If tamilian wins once also they can’t digest and getting angry.Wake up call for all tamilians,otherwise tamilians will be like refugees in their own land.Malayalees want to dominate us in our own soil.

  27. sandeep

    srinivas is just an arrow. Unni krishnan and sujatha , these two malayalees are backside of him to manipulate the result.They selected malayalees (Ajish, Alka)only in all sessions. This time they tried to select sathya ( Again one malayalee). They can’t digest one tamilian as a winner.Before keeping hand on food these three idiots has to think that they are eating tamilians money still now.Vijay tv has to condemn Mr.srinivas for his rude comments against Tamil Public.

  28. Shame on u judges,y didnt u raise the issue when undeserved ajeesh got d title last yr,ravi s daamn gud tan ajeesh,sai dnt cre abt the worthles cmnts of d judges,tamilnadu s backing u,u r truely talented,u deserve d title

  29. prabha

    First stop judging someone as malyallee, bengali, christian, hindu, forward class backward class. Cant u all put all these behind and judge them JUST FOR MUSIC and nothing else.

    Sathya defniteily rocked and no second thoughts that he IS EXTREMELY talented and deserved a victory, his brugas and nuances were ALMOST TOO PERFECT to judge otherwise. Sathya losing was definitely because “mass” could not gel or understand with his creamy music. He should have sang a mass appeal song, to reach out more.

    That having said, it is not that sai is not a good singer. All four of them rocked and unlike many series all finalists were REALLY GOOD SINGERS. So appreciate everybody for their music not because they are tamils. Sai has a very majestic voice and absoluitely a great singer. I agree with priya above, who commented its sad, to give him the title and then dissect as to whether he is worth it. I felt sad for him…poor guy, young fellow had to digest all this. It is like giving u gift of sweet and then telling u “hey u are not worth it….but then we gave u”

    Its VERY VERY RUDE on vijay tv’s part to telecast this post finale dramas and what happens is increase in TRP rating.

    Comeon man, there is a heart behind all these dramas and my heart broke out for sai.

    Santhosh and pooja were great too. Unlike many series, all finalist were ALMOST ON PAR to judge, glad they got placed in cine industry.

    oh….i am a tamilian who enjoys music….I dont see mallus or gujjus or caste behind it….wake up friends….we need to travel a lot in life with wider warm heart….lets keep it broad and judge ppl on their human qualities or talents not their caste. IF this is the case of educated ppl like us, why blame politicians when they utilise this “division” OF HATRED amongst humans to swindle in crores.

    Great luck to all Super singer 3 series finalists.

  30. Somasekhar

    A good snub for the Judges who committed a crime in eliminating Saicharan and Maalavika from Finals. In doing so the public got infuriated. They deliberately gave 0.5 marks more to Sathyaprakash and edged out Saicharan.

    To his credit, Saicharan gave some tunning performances in the wild card round and pre final rounds and won the hearts of Public.
    Although Sathya sang very well in the finals, he got very few votes due to this stupid act of the judges.

    Malavikaa sang very well ( who can forget Gnanapazhathai pizhindu , and Marugo ? ) but got eliminated from top 3.

    Even bringing Santhosh into finals was uncalled for,after announcing that there will be only 3 finalists.

    They could have tied Sathya and Saicharan and directly made three finalists.

    The three finalists should have been Sai,Sathya,Malavika.

    Shamelessly, they again conducted another episode and facilitated Sathya and Pooja.

    Even the o called Singers would shine only if the songs they sing get a good Public opinion .It was strange Srinivas pleading public to vote. He saw how they voted .. but he did not like it.






  32. R.SURESH

    From the episodes telecasted,it seems as if the judges cannot escape from accusations of being tilted towards Pooja and Sathya.The outbursts of Srinivas and Sujatha after finale clearly indicate how much they are angry in not getting their favourite singers through.The vast variance in marks accorded by various judges also bring out the fact their judgments are only subjective according to their whims and fancies.

  33. JAMES


  34. 1. The judges are mere puppets of Vijay TV, continuing with their nonsense. They perhaps make more money from participating in such TV shows than through their music. So they will dance to the tune of their masters.
    2. If the public had poor taste, as these pathetic folks seemed to imply, they should also not forget that the best talent alone is NOT rewarded by music directors.
    3. According to a newspaper report in Singapore today, someone who did not figure in the top five has already completed singing a few songs in Tamil and Telugu films. The top four have merely received offers. Merit is not the only reason why people make it to films.
    4. How do these abominable, immature judges (Srinivas being the biggest culprit) know that Satya Prakash has a passion for music as they proclaimed at the post-crowning show where they had no qualms trying to trivialise the success of Saicharan? Because he did not expect any rewards from singing? Worse, they seemed to suggest that only he has this passion. Without the carrot of material benefits, no singer will have sacrificed so much to participate in the year-long contest.
    5. Tamil Nadu is the most broadminded state in India. It has had Malayalees as Chief Ministers and a Marathi has been the reigining celulloid megastar for the last 20 or so years. All previous Super Singer winners have been non-Tamils. Finding fault with a public that is anything but narrow is sacrilege.
    6. Vijay TV and its judges have not just been mean to the winner, they have insulted the public.
    7. I wish they are made to regret their indiscretion.

  35. Kamakshi

    After all this once again the same gp consisting of unni, sujatha and Srinivas are brought in. Let us have another panel so that an example of how Impartial a judgement has to be can be illustrated.i would like to suggest Ramesh vinayakam as one of the judges. Discerning music lovers watch the programme and any messing up leaves us irked.

  36. I am not well versed in the nuance of music and I go by the appeal. Like many people, the fact that Sathya Prakash did not get the title saddened me. But, that does not mean, I rate Sai Charan low. That Sai Charan is a brilliant performer is not a doubt. He is a fiercely competitive singer, who came back, after his elimination, in the wild card round.But, Sathyaprakash sounded more versatile and comfortable while singing. Some times, he sounds too soft, where a stout and firm rendering of the lyrics was necessary. He cannot bring out the ‘gambiram’ and the thrust of TMS. With a rounded mouth, he tended to sing as if, he would not let the song spill from his mouth. There was a full throated ease, no doubt, but it was more husky and circumscribed. In the song, “Chillendru pootha siru nerinchick kaatinile” the contrast between the original .T.R. Mahalingam and his subdued shadow in Sathya was evident. Sai is an accomplished singer, although, I would say, his voice has an innate ‘kara karappu’ or ‘addaippu’ as T.L.Maharajan would put it. His rendering of T.R.Mahalingam’s “Isai Tamil Nee Seitha Arum Sathanai” was more authoritative. In the initial stages, his performance was not upto the mark. I do not blame the judges. In the finals, his performance was off colour. Maybe, he was unnerved by the occasion. In the finals, I agree that Sathya performed very well. Sai, in my view, did not do well. It was below his own standards. As some body said, the audience must have voted before the final performance was telecast. Sai must have been selected for his past performance.But the huge difference in the votes is baffling. Satya is a poor performer. Both Sai and Satya are gifted in their own own. One of Satya’s performance drew applause from Sai’s redoubtable mother. If there was a possible sympathy wave at work, I have reason to believe that it must have worked in favour of Sai, for he lost it in junior level competition and got eliminated in the initial round in this competition itself.
    Both Sai and Sathya are Tamils and there is no difference to create a wedge between them. But, there is no gainsaying that a lot of talents from Kerala are participating in the Tamil show. We must admit that in Tamilnadu, excepting for the Tamil Brahmins, the people in general, are taking not learning classical singing seriously. It is not so in Kerala. ( I am presently working in Kerala). There, through a number of kalabhavans and other organizations, people take interest in music and others forms of art and literature. The singers come from all walks of life. Hence, they participate in the Tamil shows. It is a different matter that many of them struggle here when they try to sing the native songs. They often Tamil songs with classical touch; ofter struggling, they try to come on top, by rendering some songs with some jugglery of raaga alapanas. Remember Alka won the title with Singara Velane Deva. In Super Singer 4, that is what Sonia is trying to do and win applause, after a string of bad performances. Parvathy is emerging as a great singer. She also has difficulty in rendering Tamil diction.I am equally disappointed that there are not many Tamil boys and girls who are making it to the top in Super singer. For this, we must encourage them to learn music seriously. Some of the outstanding boys emerging from within the State have never had music training and family tradition. Such talents are many. They must be given opportunities to learn music and compete. We have lost the tradition of Sankaradasa Swamigal dramas, which popularized singing. Now, we are very few pockets of talents from communities, which steadfastly cling to learning carnatic music, as a family tradition. I congratulate both Sai and Sathya.

  37. chinnu91

    well said views!

  38. Meenakshi

    I always felt SathyaPrakash was pushed through by the judges…. had he been eliminated (which he should have been much before he reached the finals), we would have had a better competiton. He can ONLY sing Carnatic, Sai can sing it all…. there is more to music than just carnatic. It is good that Sathya didnt win. It would have sent wrong vibes.

  39. krishna

    It’s very true that Malayalis are given importance, not only in Vijay TV, but wherever malayalis are present. 3 judges, all malayalees what we can expect other than this. Tamils also learn unity from them.

  40. Hari

    The judges are biased.It is natural for the judges to be impressed by some contestants, but open campaigning for their favourites must be shunned. Srinivas especially behaves like PRO for his favourite contestants and eliminates those who are a serious threat for his favourites. We need judges who are non biased and not people like Srinivas,Sujatha, Chithra,Shubha,Unni Krishnan and so on. I was very happy when Pooja came last as the judges by their behaviour had made me hate Pooja even though she was talented. Priyanka was another candidate who was eliminated from Junior Super Singer as she posed a serious threat to Alka Ajit, I really felt for Sai Charan for the judges response after he won Super Singer. My advice to the contestants who are have the judges support is, you are not going to get any support from the public as we are disgusted seeing the way the judges openly support you and eliminate really talented people.

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  42. dsf

    I am really upset, we had good respect on Vijay TV, did’t expect this from your TV. Now they are calling all the singers and judges making big quarrel and drama. You guys lost your reputation on the society. We lost your judgement and judges & lost hope on your reality shows. Just for ranking and f or popularity you cheat entire Tamil community. Don’t expect the viewers will be there and support for next season. How many laks of people spend time to sent sms and sat online to register and send votes……. not at all good…; Now you can bring many judges and anchors to make big loud……. we as a tamil community lost hope on u guys. Lie is lie…..if you say lie 10000000000000 time it will not be a true statement..;

  43. Jaysi

    I stopped liking Vijay TV’s super singer when Sathya Prakash was put third. He was the best among all in that season and he is the best among all the seasons. What a a great renditions in Nane Varigirean, Paruruvaaya, Kutheeti, and now “Rasali…..”. Greating going Sathya…All the best..

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