Construction Frenzy in Singapore and the Lurking Dangers

Cracks in homes in Bukit Timah must be a wake-up call

With Singapore bent on cramming the little nation with people, space is a natural constraint. So the government goes about converting open areas into commercial ventures, for housing, business and development.

The result is construction here, construction there, construction everywhere to the annoyance of residents.

When constructions happen too close to existing buildings, cracks are bound to happen. This is plain common sense. The Government may have thought it over, factoring in the necessity of coping with a surging immigrant influx and preparing the infrastructure to meet demand.

It, therefore, came to me as no surprise when I read in today’s edition of The Straits Times about cracks having developed in some homes in the plush Bukit Timah area because of massive construction activity there.

It was the lead story in the newspaper, but it still tended to downplay the incident. After all, newspapers here are seldom critical of developments in the country.

I am firmly of the opinion that mindless, excessive constructions should be halted in Singapore. This is a country with multi-storeyed apartments throughout the island.

In a competitive, dog-eats-dog world where nations are vying with one another for grabbing all available lucre, complacence and making do with what Singapore already has are not something I will advocate.

Just as continuous learning for individuals is a new-generation imperative, continuous development is something a nation has to brace up for. But madness in the name of development should not be to the detriment of the nation. Overpopulation has already done enough damage to the country, affecting the high quality of life it once enjoyed.

Let not the country continue with the construction frenzy and put lives at risk. Construction chaos will need to be revisited in view of the lurking dangers.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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