Overpopulation behind All Major Problems in Singapore

The Singapore government has taken a simplistic view of the PAP’s electoral defeat in Punggol East with such weak reasoning as “byelections always put the ruling party at a disadvantage” and “local issues came under the scanner in the constituency.”

But if the PAP is not ready to dig deep and address the national issues behind public discontent then it may have to brace for worse setbacks at the 2016 General Elections.

Problems Aplenty: Most of the problems besetting Singapore can be pegged to one factor – overpopulation. This by itself is the result of the government’s lax immigration policies that have made it very easy for people to move here from overseas either for work or study.

It is precisely overpopulation that leads to:

  • inflation / high cost of living
  • spiralling property prices
  • transport woes, traffic jams
  • an infrastructure that is unable to cope with the surge
  • inadequate varsity places for locals (with foreigners taking up the bulk of admissions to new institutions being set up through collaboration with prestigious global universities) and overall
  • a worsening quality of life for residents

To cap it all, this is only bound to get worse as the government is bent on pushing population up to seven million by 2030. It was around 3.5 million about 20 years ago and it is now almost six million. A doubling of the population in less than 40 years (1990 to 2030) can only be dubbed inane, insane!

The government appears to be working on the logic that more people will mean more spending and more revenue, resulting in a better economy for the country. This may be true to some extent, but money will lose its significance if a poor quality of life is what people end up with.

Also, there is only so much tiny Singapore can take and cramming it with people has made it an overcrowded country with a failing infrastructure / support system –

  • poor public transport
  • substandard connectivity despite the government spending big on the next-generation broadband network
  • unnecessary pressure on the health care system, and what not!

Try booking a taxi during peak hours, particularly when it rains! Your calls will automatically get disconnected, an indication that cab operators do not have the right systems in place to deal with high call volumes. Long waits for anything anywhere in Singapore are what the people have been left with because of a mindless growth in population.

The PAP has built Singapore to be a world-class city. Now, it will have to initiate steps to help the country retain the status, not to push it down from the pedestal!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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14 responses to “Overpopulation behind All Major Problems in Singapore

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  2. Canto

    It is quite astonishing that after failing miserably with its over importation of people, this govt announces proudly that it will go out and REPEAT its mistake again. It is such govt IDIOCY that drives people to revolt….

    • PG

      This is a problem being repeated in many developed countries of the world , as governments allow migrants to support outdated economies and do not understand sustainability , especially with the changes that will happen with global warming .

  3. Iwonder

    Where do we start with the root of that problem then? Some would suggest the lack of baby problem. Some suggest over emphasis on GDP growth (increase working popln means higher GDP). Some suggest key policy makers sleeping on their job, complacency. Some think, no one was steering the ship, we just blindly got here and no one knows why. Whatever, lots of money are now put into actions to mitigate the undesirable impacts. Just wonder, swinging from one crisis to another? Where is the leadership we have put our trust on good judgement and timely action being?

  4. msv

    I agree that overpopulation is the root of these problems and perhaps the low TFR is just nature’s way of resolving it. We should not try to go against it.

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  7. PG

    The Singapore government has failed miserably in running the city state , and it should not be used as an example for future cities . Failure to recognise the need for infrastructure , maintenance and preventive maintenance are shown in the number of failures in transport and flooding recently , other areas will follow , from water to drainage . This is without the major circulation problems on the roads . Add to this the over concreting and over tarmacing of large areas of the country , which is changing the local climate.
    When added to the immigration policy of quantity over quality , and the lack of integration followup , you have exactly the same problems of many countries , on a concentrated scale .

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