Overpopulation — a Great Singapore Sellout?

Singapore will end up with a population of around 6.9 million by 2030, from 5.3 million currently.  That is, if there is no stiff, meaningful resistance to the government’s plan for a massive spike in population!

There will by then be 4.4 million Singaporeans. But out of this, around a million people will be above 65 years old. In effect, about 3.4 million Singaporeans will vie for jobs and school/varsity slots with about 2.5 million foreigners.

But, wait, it can get worse if one million more people (assuming there are as many people in the age group of 45 to 65 years) are taken out from the total population of Singaporeans. Jobs are going to be scarce for those in this segment of the population.

Therefore, it is possible that 2.4 million Singaporeans will be pitted against 2.5 million foreigners for jobs and seats in educational institutions by 2030. This is a scenario where Singaporeans may be outnumbered by foreigners.

And the growth in population is not even translating to spectacular economic development. The GDP growth is still expected to be only 2-3%!

The government and the local media are going to be busy the next few years trying to justify their land use and population plans to destroy Singapore. They have already started making silly comparisons with international cities such as London, New York City and Toronto.

What is glossed over is that people in those metropolitan areas have the option to live in neighbouring cities/towns/suburbs that are typically around an hour’s (or less) drive away (for instance, Jersey city to New York City).  The same goes with most other cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, London, Vancouver, etc.

So, the message the government seems to be giving to Singaporeans is that if they want a better quality of life they can choose to migrate to Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Europe where they can savour the luxury of space in communion with nature.

Singaporeans who study overseas will think twice before returning home. Others in the workforce will also seriously start scouting for jobs in the West to avoid being stuck in the concrete jungle (merely planting some trees around all the high-rise buildings cannot be construed as nature-friendliness!)

The Singapore of 2030 will be one where people from anywhere can come, study, work or rip it apart and move on. A sense of belonging may diminish among locals, with little emotional bonding, in a soulless Singapore staring at the threat of becoming a nation of vagabonds.

So, has the sellout of Singapore begun? A different kind of Great Singapore Sale?

G Joslin Vethakumar

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