Aliens are on Indian Soil, and the Country Believes the Ball is in China’s Court – Nonsense!

ImageIs India Being run by Jackasses?

The backstabbing by China in 1962 notwithstanding, India continues to naively believe that the communist power’s incursions 19km deep into Ladakh are minor issues that could be resolved amicably. Naivete or cowardice?

India Today has the above graphic that clearly shows the military gap between the two countries.

It makes me wonder what kind of jackasses are running the government in India – being so lax on security despite being surrounded by such hostile and arrogant neighbours as China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, who have time and again demonstrated that they cannot be trusted even a wee bit.

Congress making India a Laughing Stock: India’s reactions to the China’s incursions are making the country a laughing stock in the eyes of the world, lacking the moral courage and physical strength to stand up to the blatant territorial transgressions by the red giant. The lack of demarcation lines and any dispute notwithstanding, there can be no denying that the Chinese have deliberately intruded into Indian territory.

It was a situation that warranted tough, aggressive action, not a futile diplomatic, cowardly initiative. What prevented India from dealing with it the moment Chinese troops moved in and set up tents in the country’s soil? Aggression has to be met with aggression, not diplomacy, particularly when matters of national interest are involved.

Cavalier Attitude?: A lack of immediate action will only send wrong messages to the aggressor and the world!. The invaders must have been captured and the tents they put up dismantled. Expecting them to withdraw through a conciliatory effort only smacks of idiocy!

By describing it as a “minor local issue”, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is demonstrating a cavalier, spineless attitude towards what should be a matter of grave concern for India. To me, he and the Congress have run their course, destroying India to a point of no return. If the electorate is still not going to throw them out, then no one can save India from self-inflicted shame and destruction.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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