Silent Lenovo / Harvey Norman – Lethargy or Plain Contempt?

Terrible Product, Pathetic Service! In one word, Lenovo!

Given my sour experience with Lenovo (as touched upon in my earlier posts here), I had made up my mind to take them to court. But last Saturday, I thought I could give CASE (Consumer Association of Singapore) a try first. So I visited their office and lodged a formal complaint with them.

They came up with what I thought was a tame letter to Harvey Norman, the retailer where I bought the Lenovo AIO desktop (A520) for S$1,899.

I wanted the complaint to be against Lenovo as my issue was with the product manufacturer, not the retailer.

But for some reason CASE felt the complaint should go out to the shop. Given Singapore’s love for Chinese companies, they perhaps thought the retailer was an easier target. Nonetheless, the retailer cannot escape accountability for selling a defective product.

I agreed to go with their approach. But to date there has been no response from Harvey Norman. Call it lethargy or plain contempt! The CASE letter was meekly worded, merely asking for rectification of the problem and help with recovery of the data lost.

Given that Singaporeans are hardly encouraged to speak their mind on pertinent issues, this was hardly a surprise.

I may wait for a few more days before initiating further action against Lenovo.

In summary…

  • The PC that I bought only in August this year has been completely dead for the last more than a month.
  • My repeated calls to Lenovo, my online chats with their support team and my email complaint have been completely ignored by them

My earlier posts on the issue…

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Joslin Vethakumar



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