Curtains on the Lenovo Issue

Harvey Norman gives me a HP Replacement

Harvey Norman last week stepped in to resolve the issue with the defective Lenovo desktop computer that I bought through them. They offered to take back the Lenovo PC and replace it with another piece from any brand.

I took it up and went for a HP piece on Saturday. Given Lenovo’s poor support I was determined to go with anything but them.

Prior to this decision, Lenovo called me to say they would send someone home to replace the defective motherboard. This was six days after its technician visited home for diagnosis. When I questioned Lenovo about this delay, I was merely told that getting a new motherboard takes time.

I did not find Lenovo’s explanation acceptable, particularly after I had been stuck with a new but dead PC for six weeks that saw them give me one excuse after the other and resulted in my data being wiped out.

This brings the curtain down on the issue that I first reported to Lenovo on October 4. Thank you, Harvey Norman.

My earlier posts on the issue…


Joslin Vethakumar


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