The Tarun Tejpal vs Arnab Goswami Affair!

Let the Media not sit on Judgment

Consensual or forced, well-known journalist Tarun Tejpaul has wrought upon himself disrepute that will stay stuck. A person of his age (forget the stature) behaving with lust shows how low he can go when it comes to moral standards. That is quite simply abominable, no excuses!

His apology to his young journalist colleague at Tehelka who has accused him of rape at a party in Goa makes his involvement in the sexual escapade clear. Disgusting behaviour, to say the least! Even if he is able to prove he is not guilty, he should command no respect as it is already clear he is a sexual deviant.

But crucifying him based on hearsay and before a thorough investigation is done is just not fair. His admission alone should not make him a criminal. He may have just been trapped to settle some personal scores and he may have had his own reasons to offer an apology. Perhaps in the hope that it will help keep the incident under wraps without coming into the open and taking its toll on his image!

He may not be innocent, but jumping to conclusions without an inquiry does not serve justice well.

Was Arnab a Witness?: It is not up to loud-talking people like Arnab Goswami and self-righteous activists to perform the role of super judges and hold Tarun guilty without following the proper process of law.

At a talk show yesterday on Times Now, Arnab and his usual cast with some who love making audacious one-sided pronouncements (Chandan Mitra is one) declared that Tarun Tejpal and Tehelka were covering up the alleged rape. Professional rivalry?

Given that Arnab was talking as if he was a witness, he must offer himself to the police to provide evidence. Someone even said the act (Tarun’s) was indefensible.

The media will just need to be patient and wait for investigations to be completed. But whichever way inquiries go, I will just have contempt for Tarun Tejpal as, to me, moral values are paramount. Even if it was only consensual such exploits are not something I can condone.

Joslin Vethakumar


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