Will India be India or Become Hindi-a?

Glad Congress has been Routed in the elections, but doubt redemption is in sight for country

The Congress shamed India in multiple ways across a wide spectrum (no pun on the 2G scam) of areas. So it is fitting that the electorate humiliated the party with a 4-0 rout in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, as today’s poll results show.

It is a pity that there was no force such as the Aam Admi Party in Rajasthan, MP and Chattisgarh. Otherwise, the BJP could have come under pressure there as well.

The rise of the BJP may not bode well for the country as India runs the risk of becoming Hindi-a under the saffron party.

While I have reservations about the BJP, I have no doubt that the Congress deserves to be wiped out of the Indian polity It has failed the country across all fronts.

  1. Corruption and Crime: This is a curse for the country, with the Congress being its biggest patron. The party is full of people sucking the blood of the country. No meaningful action was taken against the corrupt and the Congress became synonymous with scams – 2G, Coal, etc
  • The Sonia Gandhi family has enjoyed undue privileges and when her son-in-law Robert Vadra faced charges of a serious nature no genuine effort was made either to make him come clean or face the law.
  • Coming closely after China showcased to the world what is arguably the best-ever Olympics, this was a disaster for India. It is three years since India endured that shame, but the corrupt scoundrels behind it are still holding key positions.
  • The Indian Olympic Association and other sports bodies in the country are run by swindlers so much so that India runs the risk of being the first country after South Africa to be banned from the Olympics. Such warnings from the IOC, including one last week, have been periodically issued only for India to ignore them completely.
  • The Congress has only been too happy to let its partymen loot the country at will without any fear of being brought to justice.
  • When actions are taken against people for lesser crimes they are only of a political nature.
  1. Commonwealth Games: The Congress so completely goofed it up that India became a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. Not just mindblowing corruption, even total inefficiency came to the fore during the Games.
  1. Poor governance: India had all the advantages that China did not – free speech within a democratic setup and reasonable English language communication skills. But the Congress allowed the country’s weaknesses to fester by perpetuating casteism, poverty, illiteracy and playing to the gallery on issues such as secularism.
  2. Poor International Policies: The Congress leadership at the Centre has consistently lacked the courage to stand up to tiny countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh who have consistently been treating India like dirt.
  3. Rape Capital of the World: Women are not safe anywhere in the country, including in Delhi which has been governed by a woman for the last 15 years and where Sonia Gandhi, the head of the party that runs the country, lives. Gang-rapes happen as a matter of routine throughout the country and speedy justice is seldom dispensed.
  1. The Telangana Issue: This was an issue that has been very poorly handled by the Congress and its hasty actions, far from resolving it, have now precipitated it.

I am pleased with the drubbing the Congress has received in the recent elections, but I doubt this will signal redemption for the country.

Joslin Vethakumar


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