China’s Invasion Did Not Move India – But a Diplomat Facing Criminal Charge Sees New Delhi Lash Out at U.S.

A Congress Government Gimmick in the Face of the Recent Electoral Rout?

It is refreshing that India is finally showing some spine by taking a tough stand against the US over the arrest of an Indian diplomat on charges of visa fraud.

When China made deliberate inroads into Indian territory and stayed put there for months together New Delhi was hardly perturbed. India’s foreign minister even went on a jaunt to Beijing and had no qualms about singing China’s glory.

When Pakistan’s armed forces keep firing unprovoked across the border, killing  India’s jawans and even beheading them, the Sonia Gandhis and Manmohan Singhs love twiddling their thumbs. Even the Mumbai killings and Pakistan’s blatant role in fomenting trouble in India did not move the country’s leadership.

Sri Lanka will endlessly keep taking Indian fishermen hostage and a divided India will soft-pedal the issue.

But, suddenly, after the recent electoral humiliation, including in Delhi, the Congress government has ventured forth to take on the U.S. with actions that make me laugh. Does India love the corrupt and the fraudulent so much that it will rush to their defence and make the country a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

True, the U.S. could have handled the issue better. Handcuffing of the diplomat in public, doing a strip-search and putting her alongside ordinary criminals amount to stretching the issue of visa fraud or under-payment of wages to a maid a bit too far — This does make the strong and unprecedented tit-for-tat Indian reaction justified.

I wish India could show the same kind of aggression against nations that show contempt for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. That will put India on the path to becoming a mighty power, sending strong signals to the world it cannot be taken for granted.

Nonetheless, if American laws had been violated, invoking the excuse of diplomatic immunity is disgusting. That is just a technicality but using the provision when facing a criminal charge is not something that can make India and Indians proud. Doing things right is more important than claiming the right of immunity for transgressions and when slapped with the charge of flouting local laws!

G Joslin Vethakumar



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