Uncle Sam is Enamoured of Sangeeta Richard and India of Devyani

U.S. has no business to mess around in India on the sly!

Since the dubious arrest of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade by American authorities one skeleton after another has been tumbling out of the U.S. closet making me wonder if India has been playing its cards right.

To me, the focus should have been on Sangeeta Richard and on how the U.S. is shielding her with all its might rather than on Devyani. The U.S. has no business to mess around in India on the sly and evacuate people it imagines to have been wronged.

American Conspiracy and Flight of Duds: Per reports appearing today, the U.S. embassy in India had purchased the air tickets for Sangeeta’s husband (who is said to have worked as a driver with the U.S. embassy in Delhi) and two children to be evacuated into American soil. Good riddance from an Indian point of view!

I think India can perhaps enable more of its duds to be flown to the U.S. by Uncle Sam at its own conspiratorial cost. After all, the U.S. is the land of opportunity for duds (with some exceptions) from around the world!

Sangeeta, incidentally, disappeared from the diplomat’s home within six months of moving to the U.S. Despite complaints by the diplomat and India, the maid’s whereabouts are being closely guarded by the U.S.

Who knows she may even be housed in the White House where Monica Lewinsky interned and brought about global humiliation for Bill Clinton!

In fact, soon after Sangeeta had assumed work at the diplomat’s home she is reported to have started complaining to her family in India (and apparently to U.S. agencies and Christian groups there) about the “horrible work conditions” she faced.

The 40-hour work week that America touts is a joke and followed more in its breach than in practice.

While I currently work for a British multinational, I had spent much of my career working for U.S. companies and it was routine for me to slog 100 hours a week, something that the management would attribute to my “lack of time management skills”. 🙂

I considered it work discipline – spending long hours in fulfilling my responsibilities though there was nothing beyond lip service from the establishment. When I found it unsustainable, I quit!

Media Coverage: I find that The Times of India (ToI) has scored over all newspapers as far as the coverage of the Devyani saga goes. The Hindu appears to have been mightily pleased with getting praise from an American reader for its so-called balanced approach. The letter was published two days ago but I feel The Hindu has not so far served reader interest well.

The ToI even had an analysis that showed the diplomat herself was drawing less than what the U.S. thought she owed to the maid – US$ 4500. It is perhaps worth investigating how many of the Indian body shops (HCL, TCS, Infosys, etc) exporting IT labour to the U.S. pay as much to them!

Devyani’s American Husband: It also had a report that showed Devyani was married to an American Indian and how India had bent rules to favour her.

Considering all the fuss Indians make over Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi who are Indian nationals (despite Sonia’s Italian roots), I am amused that someone with a foreigner husband was allowed by India to hold a key diplomatic post. Are Indian armed forces personnel allowed to have foreign spouses? If not, why this concession to someone who is in an equally sensitive post.

The Hindu appeared to be more keen on winning laurels from the U.S. than on highlighting the real issues at stake despite the communistic inclinations of its big boss!

Also, I fail to understand why India did not even care to release details on the maid though she appears to have schemed to let the country down so she and her family could get the right to live in the U.S.

It was only in the latest edition of Outlook that I saw pictures of her and her family. It was the first of the Indian magazines to come out with a report on the Devyani affair.

It is time for India to not harp on dropping all charges against Devyani. Instead, it should shift its focus to Sangeeta Richard and the objectionable evacuation of her family from India by Uncle Sam!

G Joslin Vethakumar



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