Diplomat’s Arrest: New Revelations of American Follies/Conspiracy Offer Room for India to get Tougher with the US

The U.S. has behaved more like a Bumbling Racist Foe than a Friend!

India must demand deportation of Sangeeta Richard and her family

In my post, Uncle Sam is Enamoured of Sangeeta Richard and India of Devyani, on December 24, I had referred to the U.S. as a land of opportunity for duds (with some exceptions) from around the world!

But new revelations show that Uncle Sam had erred in many ways by arresting the senior Indian diplomat. Initial reports made me think the manner of arrest was uncalled for, even smacking of a rancorous racist reaction. Now it appears there is evidence to establish that the arrest itself is unlawful. This, to me, is demonstration that the U.S. not only attracts duds from the Third World but is in fact a country where there is no dearth of nitwits they can call their very own!

Some of the striking disclosures that have landed this so-called superpower in a shithole are:

  • That Devyani had full diplomatic status at the time of her arrest

  • That the American official who effected the arrest completely misread what was submitted in the visa forms — while a figure of US$4500 was entered as the salary of the diplomat he assumed it was what the domestic help (Sangeeta Richard) was promised.

Isn’t that heights of idiocy? If maids are paid that much then they will perhaps be earning more than many of the software guys that Indian bodyshopping companies such as HCL and Infosys export there – again as I had argued in my earlier post.

  • Importantly, the revelations also mean there was no breach of local laws and that the maid was paid what she was legally entitled to!

  • Also, cannot English-speaking Americans understand even simple English?

  • Even assuming it was just a mistake, it is difficult to accept that she had to undergo the ignominy of being stripped, cavity-searched and made to sit in a cell with drug addicts and those arrested for prostitution until she was bailed out!

  • Moreover, it is increasingly clear now that the U.S. conspired with Sangeeta Richard and her family to get Devyani arrested. Just three days before the arrest, Uncle Sam had evacuated the maid’s husband and two children, by flying them at its own cost from India to the U.S.

  • This gross American aberration has to be dealt with sternly and condemned in the strongest language possible so it will dare not spread its racist tentacles outside its own country.

Silly Reporting by The Hindu: With these revelations becoming a huge embarrassment for Uncle Sam, India’s so-called “national newspaper”, The Hindu, had a front-page report on December 27 saying that the new developments could provide “a way out of the stalemate between India and the U.S.”

Nonsense, what way out of the stalemate? India needs no escape route when it is in a position to demand resolution of the issue that is the result of brazen arrogance, even idiocy by the U.S., on New Delhi’s terms. The discoveries of American buffoonery indeed offer India stronger ground for getting even more tough with the U.S. and not a simple way out of the stalemate.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I had worked for this newspaper for more than seven years before I moved to Singapore. Those were days when the newspaper was known for its communist pitch. Now it appears to be following a confused path, caught between capitalism and communism even as it struggles to fend off competition from The Times of India at its own home turf!

That aside, the U.S. owes an unconditional apology to India for its follies and due compensation to Devyani for the wrongful actions against her.

India must also demand and get Sangeeta Richard and her family deported back to New Delhi to face the law of the land. Traitors should get no mercy! If the U.S. does not comply with the demands, India must be prepared to snap its ties with it!

The U.S. needs India more than the other way around in the emerging world!

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G Joslin Vethakumar



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6 responses to “Diplomat’s Arrest: New Revelations of American Follies/Conspiracy Offer Room for India to get Tougher with the US

  1. VS Ram

    I agree with your blog, except snapping ties. There should be strict reciprocity. Apparently Nancy Powell didn’t want to stand in line like others at the New Delhi airport and canceled her trip to Nepal.

    If Nancy Powell gets involved in a traffic violation strip search her!

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