Sangeeta Richard, a Christian from Kerala who got help from a Pakistani in US to Tarnish India’s Image

More revelations are trickling in about Sangeeta Richard, the maid who made the U.S. go so mad as to ignore diplomatic etiquette and initiate unacceptable actions against Indian diplomat Devyani Khorbagade in New York.

A report in the latest edition of The Week that I picked up today says that she had established close contact with members of her ilk within a month after Devyani brought her from India in November 2012.

In July 2013, she absconded from Devyani’s home to be well shielded by the U.S. Every month until then Devyani is said to have paid her what she was entitled to and sent Rs 30000 (a decent sum by Indian standards) to Sangeeta’s husband (who was reportedly unemployed though earlier reports had suggested he was a driver with the US embassy in Delhi).

It beats me how the U.S. thought this amounted to slavery, meriting issue of Trafficking visas to Sangeeta Richard and her family! And when India has already revoked the passport of Sangeeta Richard!!

  • The Week report also points out that Sangeeta Richard had actually befriended a Pakistani doorkeeper at the diplomat’s apartment block in New York who helped her move out.

  • This is interesting indeed given that Sangeeta is a Christian from Kerala who schemed with a Pakistani to paint India bad. Even more interesting is news that she had persistently badgered Devyani in India to take her to the U.S.

  • And see what Devyani ended up with for acceding to Sangeeta Richards’ repeated requests!

A report in The Times of India today points to how the U.S. had given the Trafficking visas to around 130 people from India just in 2012. Thais and Filipinos come next among those who are reported to have received residency in the U.S. through these visas.

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G Joslin Vethakumar



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