Will Uncle Sam clarify how the “Trafficking” visas apply in the Devyani case?

Shameful that the U.S. connived with Sangeeta Richard to mess with Indian Sovereignty!

I generally try not to blog when I am on a holiday but I found the American actions against Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade so outrageous, touching a raw nerve, that I thought it deserved to be met with continuous airing of opinion on evolving developments.

Unlike The Hindu that today blacked out a report on the Government of India setting up a working-level group on Saturday to collate and evaluate developments related to the Devyani case!

India’s insistence, rightly so, that the maid Devyani brought to New York (Sangeeta Richard) colluded with Uncle Sam to smear tar on her country of birth just so she could permanently stay in the U.S. was carried by The Times of India today. Otherwise, she will have had to return to India when Devyani’s term ends or when the diplomat moves to another location.

This joke of a “national newspaper” (that The Hindu calls itself) appears to be more keen on serving the interests of the U.S. and China, with a crazy blend of capitalism and communism, than of India.

In any case, I am amused as to how the U.S. decided to apply the “Trafficking” factor to Sangeeta Richard and granted her husband and children “T” visas and fly them, at its cost, to Washington.

  • Sangeeta Richard did not come illegally to the U.S. to engage in commercial sex work or involuntary servitude. In fact, she is reported to have kept bugging Devyani to bring her to New York.

  • She was brought legally to the U.S. with the sanction of the Indian government — and not as a result of force, fraud or coercion.

  • Did Uncle Sam consider India a human trafficker?

Will the U.S. clarify on what ground the T-visas were invoked and offer acceptable justification for it?

How about evacuating the poverty-stricken millions?: It will be good if the U.S. shows greater mercy for India by evacuating all the sex workers and the poverty-stricken millions as well into their shores! Why just keep the focus on duds and the illiterate who are smart enough to exploit loopholes in the American system and win residency there!

Will the Indian software guys in the U.S. also make them and their families eligible for Trafficking visas? After all, companies such as HCL, Infosys and TCS just do that by exporting their cheap labour to the U.S.

All available evidence only point to American infringement on the sovereignty of India as the evacuation of Sangeeta’s family demonstrates. It is shameful that the U.S. embassy in New Delhi should descend to conniving with the maid and her family to humiliate India!

India should not budge on the issue and do everything possible to slam and shame the U.S. in all international fora for Uncle Sam’s disgusting actions. An apology, compensation for Devyani and deporting back of Sangeeta and her family back to India should be the conditions for normalisation of ties between New Delhi and Washington!

While the U.S. has stooped low India is standing tall by showing some spine, uncharacteristically so, in the face of American idiocy!

G Joslin Vethakumar



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