New-Generation Indian Men and Women!

It is all about Liberation — Economic, Social and Moral!

As we are about to leave 2013 behind, it is time for some reflection….

I have been in India on holiday with my family the last two weeks.  So this post is dedicated to the transformation, some pleasant and some unwelcome, that is engulfing the country.

IT has indeed brought about dramatic changes in India!

  • Never mind the unflattering tag of “cyber coolies” that software engineers carry! They can ignore that stereotyping as green outpouring of non-IT folk who may be looking at the relative prosperity of programmers / green card dreamers with envy!

I moved into the world of information technology 20 years ago without an engineering degree, with no dreams and without sacrificing my core strengths — writing, thought leadership, team-building and project management! My voracious appetite for risk-taking facilitated that change which was all I was after.

  • Now, though, every family in every nook of India —  from tiny, nondescript villages to mega cities — has at least one engineering graduate or student aspiring for big bucks from IT jobs at home or overseas!

  • Engineering colleges appear to have sprouted everywhere as well! Who cares if they mostly churn out unimaginative, unemployable engineers! As long as they are able to dish out engineering degrees to their students for a life-changing experience their mission has been accomplished.

Life changing??

The latest edition of The Week features a story on how Indians are partying hard and in new ways!

  • Vodka, Tequila and foam parties are something that have caught the fancy of both girls and boys — and not just in big cities. Downing a few shots of all types of hard liquor and dancing the nights away are now intrinsic parts of their lifestyle. The easy explanation — “we work hard, so we party hard”!

  • Being social animals (to put it mildly) is their pride and parampara. This is after all the era of social NUTworking with freaks going nuts over Facebook where they bare everything to their thousands of so-called “friends”

  • In a debate on the Vijay TV show, Neeyaa Naanaa (you or me?), yesterday, more enlightenment for me was in store – girls are no longer shy about dropping boyfriends and about admitting it on television! Well, if they think why they should be stuck with someone they find unsuitable who are we to question that!

  • The guys are also very open and broadminded — they are more willing than ever to marry these new-generation girls. As long as the dough keeps flowing in anything is pass! If guys can eat, drink, date and be merry why should the chicks be denied that fun!

  • Whoever says good reading can be fun must have gone crazy or living in the moon. Who on earth will say playing a game or two can be fun? Why sweat and lose all your youth pursuing activities of yore when frolicking with your army of “FB friends” can be more “meaningful”!

  • Abandoning roots while celebrating new-found freedom and glory with gay abandon is what will take you far!

Who am I to crib when the country is seeing a growing acceptance of phirangi cultures, particularly when it has led to gender equality across the board!

Given up Citizenship, Not Indian Traditions: I am glad, nonetheless, that I have been living overseas for the last two decades but without being oblivious to the changes unfolding in India. I have given up Indian citizenship and so have my wife and two daughters! But we have not given up Indian traditions and values! And we are proud about it!

I am reminded of this memorable quote from Poet Gurudev (Rabindranath Tagore): “Emancipation from the bondage of the soil is no freedom for the tree.”

G Joslin Vethakumar


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