Forget Devyani, India Must Press the US for Deportation of Sangeeta Richard and Family

India is elated that a US court has dismissed the visa fraud charges against Devyani Khobragade, former deputy consul-general in New York who was forced to return to New Delhi after being humiliated by Uncle Sam.

The BJP is mightily pleased as well – since Narendra Modi will have nothing to crib against the U.S. when he becomes the Prime Minister after the next elections when Sonia Gandhi’s Congress party is expected to be routed.

There is nothing in the verdict for India to be excited about, given that the ruling only points out that Devyani had diplomatic immunity against prosecution and does not amount to any exoneration. It just means she may still be guilty. It’s just that she had protection against being brought to book.

The Sangeeta Saga and American Violation in India: Also, to me, the issue is not whether Devyani was guilty or not. What called for attention was the action of the U.S. in surreptitiously evacuating the husband and two children of Sangeeta Richards, the domestic servant of Devyani, on Trafficking visas from India.

Sangeeta Richard conspired with the U.S. to embarrass India just so she and her family could live in America. If traitors and duds are the ones Uncle Sam wants from India, so be it.

But the evacuation of the Sangeeta family from India is outrageous, to say the least. India has every right to demand the deportation of Sangeeta and her family. Or get the US to take the millions and millions of such duds India has! Depopulation of India the American way!

In another interesting development, Sangeeta’s husband, Richard, who was a driver in India, has now filed for divorce. Having had the opportunity to move to the U.S. he now wants to go his separate ways. If Uncle Sam is stupid enough to fund the lives of such people, the third world will be more than happy to flood Washington with those they don’t need!

Dual Citizenship: The Indian media have been focusing a lot on Devyani and the dual citizenship of her two children – they were reportedly born in the U.S. and her husband is an American citizen of Indian origin. So their children hold both American and Indian passports.

To me, this should not be an issue as they are just four years and seven years old. When they become adults, they will need to decide which citizenship they will want to retain. At least that is my impression!

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G Joslin Vethakumar



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