With “Friends” like the US, India Needs No Enemies

There is little to distinguish between the U.S. government and American businesses. They both believe in the power of hype and talk in the same vein on issues that affect them or when they seek glory through ornamental pronouncements without substance.

If reports in the Indian media are to be believed, the U.S. government is trying to distance itself from Manhattan prosecutor, Preet Bharara, who has been following what appears to be a mission of vendetta against former diplomat Devyani Khobragade.

If that was the case why in hell did Washington express surprise when a court dismissed the visa fraud charges against Devyani a few days ago?

American One-Way Track: When the U.S. says that its relationship with India is far more important than what it does with Devyani it only makes me think what a convenient position they are taking. By pointing to the fact that “obviously, this (the Devyani saga) is in the hands of the Department of Justice”, the U.S. is implying that it believes in the rule of law. Perhaps it is true but only where it suits it best.

Still, it had no qualms in throwing lawful, friendly behaviour to the wind, when the U.S. embassy in India conspired with the family of Devyani’s domestic help, Sangeeta Richard, to get them surreptitiously evacuated from the country to New York.

In other words, they will do whatever it deems fit and India will have to fall at their feet to help them do business in the country!

Send the Sangeeta Richard Baggage Back: How shameless of the U.S. to talk about the need for strong ties with India when it had the gall to indulge in behaviour that is outrageously insulting to the country.

Uncle Sam, don’t try to fool India and Indians with meaningless diatribe. Instead, send the Sangeeta Richard baggage back to India if you are serious about strong ties with New Delhi.

The silly Congress government in India has unfortunately failed to combat the U.S. on the evacuation issue while harping on the charges against Devyani.

I must reiterate that with a “friend” like the U.S., India needs no enemies!

Indians are Willing Slaves of America: The reaction among Indians to the scandal is also muted. Since Indians are always dying to go to the U.S. they will not want that possibility to come under threat.

The online reactions of most Indians are heavily weighted against Devyani, conveniently ignoring that any attack against her is an oblique attack on India. She was after all one of India’s official representatives while she held the post of deputy consul-general in New York.

Imagine what public reactions will have been if the violations against the country had actually been perpetrated by Pakistan or China! Indians will have come up with hundreds and thousands of vitriolic, venomous posts against those Asian countries.

It is immaterial whether she violated local labour laws or not as the fact remains she enjoyed diplomatic immunity (something diplomats of all countries enjoy the world over) and the way she was treated showed the kind of contempt the U.S. and Bharara had for India.

But then Indians love to be slaves of Uncle Sam!

I will have to repeat what I had said in my earlier posts – that for India self-respect is more important than ties with the U.S. Uncle Sam will not hesitate to team up with China and Pakistan against India if that will suit its interests. They are free to do so, but India must keep its interests paramount!

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G Joslin Vethakumar


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