Stanford-Educated Idiots

Nudity trouble for the Khoslas!

These are days when even innocuous pictures posted online can make it to porn sites and remain there without the knowledge of the victims!

The technological advancements we see all around us are not helping trace the MH370 Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared without a trace almost two months ago. But morphing and doctoring of photos can be done in a flash with a show of flesh for easy lucre!

And this Stanford-educated idiot, daughter of Silicon Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla, even allowed her ex-boyfriend to have nude photos and videos of her, taken during the two years of their courtship.

Blackmailing for a mere $72k: Nina Khosla, 26, paid the price for that folly when Douglas Tarlow, who was a fellow student at Stanford University, started blackmailing her by sending her and her parents those nude pictures and videos two years ago, asking for a mere $72k, an amount he claims her company owed him.

The Khoslas, tired of the extortion attempts, took the matter to the cops, landing the culprit from Stanford in jail!

But the damage may have already been done if Douglas had already posted the nude photos and videos to the Internet. It will be almost impossible to track them and have them removed.

The Selifie Rage: Why on earth will girls want to have themselves captured on camera in their birthday suit? With the selfie phenomenon now all the rage, they find it easy to do so. A freewheeling culture of modernism and brazen contempt for restraint have emboldened attention-seeking women to indulge in perverse exhibitionism fully aware of the inherent pitfalls.

There have been reports in the media about how men who have stumbled upon photos of women in their families on porn sites – doctored and posted online without their knowledge.

nina khosla

Who cares, though!

Money makes all the Difference: Money alone stays uppermost among the youth and how they get that is immaterial. Douglas Tarlow himself represents this culture going by what he has said: ““Money is such an unimportant thing except when one has none. Then it hurts not to have any.”

Nina and the Khoslas, loaded with money, are just on the other side of the spectrum.

Shame and values now appear to have lost all importance, overshadowed by exhibitionism without a shred of inhibition. If you are not an exhibitionist relishing the attention you get in the social media you are just too old-fashioned and a fossil with no place in the world of the nouveau rich! Or so they think, foolishly so!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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