Mango Ban — India’s Threat to the EU Misses the Issue

It’s just a Poll Gimmick with Little Substance

It is obvious election trouble has made India threaten the European Union (EU) with WTO action on the ban on Indian mangoes that took effect on May 1.

A country that has been least perturbed by territorial incursions from China and Pakistan talking tough on a trivial issue is not amusing. It has hardly ever had the spine to take decisive actions on critical issues.

Let me not get there in this post. Which civilised country would want bug-infested fruits and vegetables, whether from India or from anywhere else?

It is not as if the ban came from out of the blue. The EU had served a warning on the quality of its farm produce months ago.

No country produces mangoes that are as succulent as those from India. But far from taking adequate quality control steps that will make all produce from India more acceptable, it has been lax in dealing with warnings that were issued prior to the ban.

Warnings on the quality of Indian agricultural produce had been issued by many other countries, including Australia and Saudi Arabia.

But the government has been too preoccupied with letting politicians and the Sonia household loot the country.

Let India get this message loud and clear –its products can find wholesome acceptance overseas, particularly in the developed world, only if quality is not compromised.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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