Modi will soon be King

I am no Narendra Modi sympathiser, in fact the opposite. But I do not believe in miracles. So I have no doubt that 10 days from now Modi will be crowned Prime Minister of India. Support for him is so overwhelming that I will not be surprised even if both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi fail to retain their seats in Parliament.

Not that I will be disappointed with such an outcome. I will in fact like it if they lose and the Congress is in a position to form the Government without the son or the mother! It is certain, though, that the latter will not happen.

Hype and hyperbole count, not quiet execution

We live in a world where hype and hyperbole count, not quiet execution. From politics to business!

It is thus no wonder that Indians are swayed by what Modi and the BJP have fed them with through big talk and heavy marketing that will put the likes of Microsoft and Apple to shame.

Modi has succeeded in imposing himself on the BJP and making Indians believe he alone could save India from the mess the Congress had landed the country in!

The electorate has made up its mind and it is futile to argue that both the Congress and the BJP are birds of the same feather! There is no question that India needed a change. But I doubt Modi can be the real game changer as the nation expects.

AAP’s political naïveté Cost them Dear

I will have preferred the change to come through Arvind Kejrival’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). But they made the fatal mistake of quitting after holding the helm in Delhi for 49 days.

It was just his political naïveté is now working against the AAP.

It may have been a principled stand over his inability to push through the anti-corruption (Lok Pal) bill with both the BJP and the Congress standing in its way.

But Kejriwal believed that his resignation would pave the way for fresh elections whereby he could play up the corrupt intentions of both the Congress and the BJP and recapture power with an independent majority.

He discounted the possibility that the wily Congress will not facilitate any immediate re-election. It was this political naïveté that is now working against him and the AAP.

An IITian, a Magsaysay winner who donated the award money for a public cause and a former civil servant (IRS), Kejrival could have been the real change agent India needed. I hope he will emerge as a real force by the next elections.

Congress Failings

Full credit to the Congress and Sonia for making the passage for Modi a lot easier with pathetic governance over the years! Here is just a sample of their failings the nation will NOT forgive them for:

  1. Robert Vadra – giving him a free reign to earn billions through means deemed questionable and according him special privileges (no security checks in Indian airports, for instance) denied to more deserving people
  2. Commonwealth Games – shaming India through massive corruption and organisational inefficiency at the 2010 Games. Worse, not only are the biggest culprits (Suresh Kalmadi is one) yet to be brought to book, they were even allowed to participate in the 2012 Olympics and the Guangzhou Asiad!

o    Also, allowing tainted sports organisers to hold positions of influence even left the country facing the threat of being excluded from the next Olympics.

  1. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi – The last 10 years were spent in preparing him for Prime Ministership, sidelining senior leaders and not wasting a moment to humiliate Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
  2. Communalism – Despite vowing by secularism, they failed to keep communalism at bay. This was clearly due to poor handling of violence and terror attacks Complete failure to keep India free of terrorist violence. Even antinationals within the country are treated with kid gloves.
  3. Crimes against Women continue unabated, including in Delhi, which is home to Sonia and which was ruled until recently by Sheila Dikshit until she was dethroned by Arvind Kejrival
  4. The bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh – For clearly political reasons, Sonia Gandhi took the decision to create Telengana handing Hyderabad to the new State.

o    The Congress is set to end up with a rout in Telengana and Seemandhra, rightly paying the price for the division that achieves only one purpose – with Chandrasekara Rao of the TRS being able to fulfill his life-long ambition of becoming the Chief Minister.

o    There has been no merger of the TRS with the Congress as Sonia and gang foolishly anticipated.

  1. Despite India being surrounded by hostile nations (Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, etc), the Congress governments have done little to strengthen the country’s Defence forces with a complete lack of preparedness having led to the humiliation at the hands of China in the 1962 war.

o    India does not seem to have any meaningful foreign policy and is bullied even by its small neighbours with a pathetic human rights record (Sri Lanka).

o    Even within South Asia, India hardly commands any clout with Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh all enjoying a cosy relationship with China

o    The leadership did not have the spine to protect India’s territorial integrity, allowing China to make deep inroads into Ladakh and stay put there for months.

  1. No development in Amethi and Rae Bareilly – These two Congress bastions do not appear to have benefited from being represented in Parliament by Rahul and Sonia, with little development, not just going by what Modi says but also based on media reports

In effect, Modi is all set to have his way in what may be the death knell for the Congress!

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G Joslin Vethakumar


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