Modi’s Shallow List of Priorities

There has hardly been much debate in the Indian media since new PM Narendra Modi released on May 29 his top 10 priorities for the first 100 days.

The media need government advertising and journalists will have their eyes firmly set on the many foreign junkets they can get whenever the PM and other ministers go on ministerial visits abroad. So they have to keep quiet, sing Modi’s glory at every opportunity or genuflect to him and his cronies.

Journalism has become such a profession lined by pathetic, unscrupulous people with some minor exceptions.

Shabby List

Now, let me get back to the Modi list of priorities. I blogged about them on May 29, but would like to repeat it here.

Education ranks low among the top 14 top priorities of India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While he called it his top 10 priorities, the tally actually comes to 14 (or 15) given that education is clubbed along with health, water, energy and roads.

The list itself appears to be hastily drawn and poorly laid out. For instance, the top two priorities are building confidence in bureaucracy and freedom for bureaucrats (with welcoming innovative ideas).

Whatever happened to tackling corruption and terrorism while building a strong India?

The priorities are also touched upon in a very cavalier, superficial fashion. If setting up a system for inter-ministerial policies and stability and sustainability in government policies are going to get his top attention I think I will have reason to doubt if the country is in safe hands.

And what does he mean by people-oriented policies? Populist policies as usual, I suspect!

Moreover, he is also going to address the economy’s concerns. How much more shallow can a priority get?

G Joslin Vethakumar


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