An Israeli’s Testimony of how he was saved by a Palestinian Worker

Jihadis Must Give up Terror for any Lasting Solution – The West and Israel will be Amenable to Reason, Not Violence

Innocent lives being lost is not something any civilized person will celebrate. Hamas did after killing three Jewish children, resulting in the Israeli offensive against the Gazans.

A few hundred civilian lives have been lost already in the Israeli shelling. No one should be celebrating that as well.

I do not wish to get into the rights and wrongs of what is happening in Gaza but respect for human lives must take precedence over religion, nation and all else!

If only the educated among the Islamic community rise up strongly against a Jihadi movement that believes in realizing their goals through relentless violence and killings the world will be a better place to live in.

Sane Voices: Amid all the bloodletting there are some sane voices calling for calm. One of them is from an Israeli whose life was saved by a Palestinian construction worker in 1996. The Israeli was a 13-year-old step son of a prominent Cabinet minister in the Israeli government, Nimrod Nir.

The Palestinian, Fauzi, was working at the home of the Israeli minister when the incident happened. That was a time when Gazans were allowed to work in Israel. Now they cannot enter Israel.

The testimony of the rescued Israeli has been carried by The New York Times that can be read here.

Key messages from his report are:

  1. Israelis must remember to fight terror and not the Palestinians, and to defend ourselves from racism and hate as much as we do from rockets.
  2. Palestinians must fight for national self-determination without backing a regime that promotes the annihilation of Israelis. It’s the only way to end this conflict.

A thoughtful and timely piece, but will they heed?

Osama bin Laden’s Kin in U.S.: It is also worth remembering that the U.S. is still home to some of the family members of Osama bin Laden. Some of his children and brothers are American and British citizens.

Soon after 9/11, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, one of America’s closest allies, was believed to have sent an urgent message to his embassy in Washington saying there were “bin Laden children all over America” and ordered the Ambassador to, “Take measures to protect the innocents.”

As many as 24 members of Osama bin Laden’s extended family were evacuated from the United States, with the support of Washington (FBI acting as escort), as it was feared that they might be subjected to violence. The logic was that innocents should not suffer because of the folly of a few Jihadis.

Terrorists must give up their path of violence and help protect innocent people instead of using them as a tool to have their way!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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