Glut of Lawyers in Singapore after a Flood of IT Engineers

Govt’s Lax Immigration Policies to Blame?

Interesting that Singaporeans figured this morning that they should stop thinking of becoming lawyers. Because there is a glut of lawyers in the country! I welcome this transparency and warning as this can help avoid wasted learning.

But this transparency should extend beyond such mere alerts and should be qualified with meaningful data. Singaporeans have a right to know what led to this situation. How many foreign lawyers did the country import the last few years? What is the count of lawyers who are not Singaporeans?

The government should exclude PRs from whatever data they dish out. PRs are foreigners too – let Singaporeans not be fooled! The government may like the people to believe that the lawyers from overseas are experienced legal eagles that the country needs. What for do we need them? To defend criminals? Or protect companies who flout corporate norms and harass employees?

Law Seldom Protects the Wronged

Law has hardly been a platform for protection of the wronged. Experienced practitioners know how to use loopholes in law to save the moneyed from being brought to justice. They are, to me, a dispensable commodity. Why then did Singapore have to import such people who are not individual-friendly and suck up only to the high and mighty?

If the government wants to discourage them from learning Law why did they allow institutions to start Law faculties not too long ago? To admit foreign students and monetise education?

Glut of Engineers amid the Shift to Offshoring

There is already a glut of foreign engineers in the country because of the needless growth in IT companies. This mad expansion was hardly needed given the growing relevance of offshoring. Why overpopulate Singapore and make life difficult for its people?

Medical professionals are critical and it does make sense to bring in experienced foreign doctors as they benefit locals. Universities will need high-quality professionals for their teaching faculties as well.

Is the government being selective in the import of foreign talent? I have my doubts!

Singaporeans are losing not just jobs to foreigners but also seats in educational institutions here just because the government wants to see some diversity on campuses here.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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3 responses to “Glut of Lawyers in Singapore after a Flood of IT Engineers

  1. ephraim

    If PRs are foreigners, why must they do NS?

  2. Do PRs hold Singapore passports? They still hold foreign passports.
    Moreover, even first-generation Singaporeans can be exempt from NS. PRs do not have to do NS, their sons have to! But even here the PRs are smart enough to send their sons elsewhere when it is time for NS, cancelling their PR status. But generally those who are academically weak stay back and do NS!

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