Tamilians, India’s Biggest Fools?

An uncouth, dusky bunch revelling in their assumed intellectuality is hardly uncommon.
Neither is they claiming cultural oneupmanship while lacking sophistication of any hue (social, linguistic, behavioural, etc.).
Inevitably, they imagine being a superior race even as their political naiveté has resulted in the creation of corrupt, evil leaders who have ripped the State apart!
These, my friends, are clear traits that sum up just what kind of people Tamilians are! India’s biggest fools, fretting over the likes of Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha and their parties who have made the State a laughing stock!
But is arrogant Jaya worth a mere Rs 66 crore as the just-released court verdict convicting her in the disproportionate wealth case shows.

Karunanidhi and his ilk will perhaps have a loot that is a 1000 times more!

Why should it be difficult to multiply Rs 3 crores manifold over a few decades with a one-rupee salary as NDTV appears to be harping on?

She has been proven corrupt, that’s it! No need for any silly arguments!

The alternative? Bigger thieves!

I am ashamed to be a Tamilian!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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