Why are Indians Such Cry Babies?

Disgusted by Indian Boxer Sarita’s petty drama at the Asian Games

Korea Deserves an Apology from India for the Insult

The brazen drama enacted by Indian boxer Sarita Devi in returning her Asian Games bronze model today has taken away whatever little sympathy I had for her. Her cheap and crude reaction (and that of her husband) yesterday after her semi-final loss to South Korean Ji Na Park was by itself revolting.

But what she did at the podium today, refusing to bow down to take the medal on her neck but accepting it on her hand and delivering it to the Korean, even as she was shedding fake tears, is downright obnoxious.

It is as much an insult to Korea as it is to India. By taking it on herself to decide who deserves the bronze and who the silver, Sarita insulted the organisers, the judges, the Koreans and India in one single step, all to sensationalise her loss. They all deserve an apology from India. Even if we assume that Sarita was wronged her display of uncivilised, theatrical fury was just not right and deserves to be condemned in the strongest manner possible.

The bronze medal she surrendered belongs to India and she had no right to do what she did. She only won it on behalf of the country and not by her own individual right. It is no street fight for her to take actions into her own hands. It is India’s medal and she had no business throwing up tantrums on an international platform, shaming India in the process.

It is good news that the international boxing federation is contemplating action against her. India should suspend her with immediate effect for her outrageous behaviour.

The sore loser had some silly comments — that the Indian officials there did not support her because she was from the North-East, that she made huge sacrifices (including keeping her child away) to participate in the Games and a whole lot of other trash. No medal is won without sacrifices — everyone works hard, even those who lose in the very first round. Should they be given gold for their hard work or should they earn it? Nonsense!

Sarita Devi and her Husband Called Korea Names, Using Filthy Language

Sarita, who lost 0-3, and her screaming husband (Thoiba Singh), who used four-letter expletives against Korea as a whole, will need to be disciplined first! Losers, particularly those from India, always look for excuses! It was not even a narrow loss but still this couple called the Koreans names and wanted India to ban Korean products, saying Korea will then suffer a big economic disaster!

What a bunch of jokers! On the contrary, it will be India which will be hit badly if Korean companies wind up their businesses in India! Why on earth then is Modi desperate for FDIs even from arch enemies? Korean firms in India earn big bucks with their intellectual property. Their investments give the Indian economy a fillip. Companies such as Hyundai have manufacturing plants in India. Turn them away and see whose loss is bigger. Their business is to tap India’s large market and profit from their investments. For India, it is nation-building. Precisely why Modi is serious about his “make-in-India” push!

These sporting dumbos must be silenced first and taken to task for emotional and meaningless vitriol against other countries on some silly pretext.

Their undignified reaction was appalling. It was a unanimous decision and none of the judges was a Korean – they were from Italy, Poland and Tunisia. Most spectators do not have a clue about the technicalities judges use in their scoring. The Indians appealed, the right thing to do in a situation where dubiety is suspected. And the appeal was rejected after a review. I am not ruling out prejudices or fixing. I found the reaction wild, that’s all! And that does not show India in a good light!

The silly Indian media and marginalised parties such as the AAP are trying to play up  pseudo-nationalist fervour, even jingoism, by justifying Sarita’s actions. Another Indian boxer Mary Kom won gold today — congratulations, but she too displayed poor sportsmanship by saying that “Sarita lost because she was up against a Korean” (or something similar).

China, Korea and Japan are at the top of the table with India languishing way down. Let’s not imagine that it is through their devious tactics. Losers crying foul is not uncommon. But when they represent the country they have to mind their language. I find it difficult to condone filthy, vulgar expressions of discontent. Certainly not acceptable when they bear the country’s flag.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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