Google on Top

Google takes the top slot in this list of the World’s 100 Most InDemand Employers: 2014 –

Predictably so as the company has consistently topped all such rankings the last several years, including this year’s Fortune 2014 list –

They are nonetheless beginning to face pressure from relatively new entrants such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Hot on Google’s heels in the ranking is Apple.

Cisco and Bechtel, companies that I had worked for, figure in the LinkedIn list. I had indirectly worked for Microsoft as well – as Assistant Editor of Microsoft Magazine that was published for the company.

Cisco generally makes it to all similar lists although the slide is showing in terms of ranking. It is nonetheless a great company to work for, going by my experience with it. Its close competitors Juniper and Huawei are in it too. And partners such as VMware!

IBM and Oracle have just scraped in, taking the last few positions. But HP is not in though Dell is. That is no surprise as HP has hardly been considered a good place to work for in any ranking. I had worked for them on a project (a contractual position) in Mexico.

The ranking factors in companies across all sectors, not just for those in the technology space. But tech firms are the most represented, followed by Retail and Oile/Energy sectors.

Some surprise inclusions are that of Spottify and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with a staff strength of just 1000 each. But then this is not about size, but the best companies to work for. Charity work by itself could be fulfilling, particularly when it is through a genuine entity such as the Gates Foundation that is serious about its work.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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