iPhone 6 Plus Collection, a Welcome Experience, after all!

I have finally been able to lay my hands on iPhone 6 Plus (128GB, Gold) that I picked up from the SingPost POP station today after purchasing it online through the Singtelshop. You may refer to my earlier post on the issues I had with collection.

It has had a happy ending with a pleasant, new-generation, electronic collection experience at the POP (Pick Own Parcel) Station (http://www.mypopstation.com/) without the involvement of any SingPost staff. Retrieval was a breeze. I entered the given pin in a computerised system at the post office and out popped a locker next to it. It contained a courier-style packet with the items I had ordered. A cool new way to collect our parcels!

The locker contained the new iPhone and the SIM card. I still decided to go to a SingTel showroom to buy some accessories and have the SIM inserted — a lovely case (the one in blue in the second picture below) and a tempered glass screen protector (the Health Guard wrapping in the following picture).

To that extent, it will have been easier for me if the collection was at a SingTel store.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)

The phone cost me S$884, including S$138 for Apple’s iCare support that was mandatory. It was under a two-year contract without which the phone would have set me back by around S$1600. The case was priced at S$35 and the screen guard S$29.

The phone that was very light despite the 5.5-inch size became a little heavier with the case and the glass screen guard. It will not fit into my shirt pocket, so I will have to keep it in a small phone bag. I would think this is a good buy! As an iPhone user the last several years, I did not want to go for change though I did look at Samsung Note 4 as well.

Functionality-wise, I do not see a big change from the earlier iPhone 5s I was using. The cables and the ear plug are identical, so I will not have to buy any new Power Banks. The ear plug could have been better as it is difficult to keep it plugged into the ear. The camera is hardly any better. and it is here that Samsung leaves Apple way behind.

The 128 GB phone is not readily available — shops have the 16GB stock but hardly those in higher capacities. So I had to keep tracking the online sites for availability.

G Joslin Vethakumar



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