Remembering Our Parents on All Saints’ Day

We attended the All-Saints Day service at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Singapore today when Bishop Renish Ponniah gave an evocative sermon on growing through hardships.

All Saints’ Day (or All Souls’ Day) used to be observed more by Catholics than by Protestants. However, Christians of all denominations have of late been showing interest in its observance. That’s welcome convergence of Christian practices.

It is a day when we pay our respects to departed souls – our dear and near.

Both my mother (Sathiavathy Gnanadhas) and father (V Gnanadhas) are resting in the arms of our Lord.

Dad and mom at our Egmore home 1969 Dad and Mom in 1969 Daddy and mummy in 1958 Mom 1

The monument for my mom, who passed away on September 7, 2014, has been completed to coincide with the day.

I had intended to visit Chennai for this, but could not make it. She is always in our thoughts, nonetheless! So is my father who reached heavenly abode on July 30, 2010!

It is hard to digest that I am without both my parents, but they live in our hearts and that will be for eternity.

My Parents-in-Law

I take this opportunity to remember my in-laws — the father and mother of my wife. They, Winfred Samraj and Mary Nizzie Bai, had passed away even before our marriage. So I did not get to see them.

But I have heard lots about them – particularly about my father-in-law who, my wife Sugirtha and her relatives tell me, was a very fair-complexioned, handsome and loving man. He was a pious Christian and a church pianist. My wife lost him less than a year before we married.

What you see here are some photographs of both of our parents in their youth.

Sugi's parents wedding, pic 3Sugi's sister, pic 2

My father-in-law Winfred Samraj and mother-in-law Mary Nizzie Bai at their wedding. The other photograph is that of my wife’s beautiful elder sister who met with a tragic death soon after she graduated in Economics. None of them was alive at the time of my wedding.

Dad and Mom with Alice Paatti v2

My parents with my maternal grandmother, Alice Rajammal paatti. We named our elder daughter after my grandmom.

Mom's monument

Dad's tomb

G Joslin Vethakumar



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