G20 summit – Modi staying at midrange hotel in Brisbane

President Xi of Communist China has second most expensive accommodation

Obama tops the list in terms of hotel extravagance

 Disclaimer: Let me first point out I am not in Brisbane covering the event. This is just a blog based on what I had been reading in the media about the G20 summit unfolding in the Australian city.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, continuing his travel spree, has reached Brisbane for the G20 summit. He will be rubbing shoulders at the Sofitel hotel there with French President Francois Hollande and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

A five-star room at the hotel is said to cost A$662 a night though it is not clear if Modi chose to be austere and picked a room in a lower range.

Cheapest Stay: What is certain is that Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo has the cheapest stay among the leaders, with a room booked at Novotel costing £110 (AUS$200) a night.

The prime minister of Australia, the host nation, comes next in the cost stakes from the bottom. Tony Abbott will stay at a deluxe king suite at Rydges, costing £170 (AUS$309) a night.

The list is topped by US President Barack Obama, who is expected to arrive in Brisbane tomorrow and stay at an extravagant suite at the pricier Marriott Hotel. Cost – £1,370 (AUS$2,500) a night.

China President Xi Jinping comes next and he will stay in the Stamford suite at the Stamford Plaza. Cost – £925 (AUS$1,695) a night.

The following is a list that I extracted from the The Daily Mail:

Suites for the elite 

Leader Cost
US President Barack Obama £ 1,370 (AUS$ 2,500) a night – at the Marriott Hotel, Presidential Suite.
China President Xi Jinping £ 925 (AUS$ 1,695) a night –  at the Stamford Plaza, Stamford suite.
UK Prime Minister David Cameron £ 690 (AUS$ 1,259) a night, at the Treasury Hotel, a suite.
Myanmar President Thein Sein £ 650 (AUS$ 1,180) a night, at Gambaros, signature suite.
Indian Prime Minister Modi and his French and New Zealand counterparts – President Francois Holland and PM John Key Sofitel hotel — cost likely around AUS$ 660
Russian President Vladimir Putin Cost – £335 (AUS$615) a night – at the Hilton, King suite.
Saudia Arabia King Abdullah Cost – £270 (AUS$495) a night – at the Gold Coast Sanctuary Cove, Manor suite.
Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott Cost – £170 (AUS$309) a night – at Rydges, deluxe king suite.
Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo £110 a night (AUS$200) at the Novotel

 I am not here to grudge the luxury stays the leaders get to enjoy during their junkets (though they go off in the name of summits). They only need to demonstrate that they deserve the opulence and contribute to the building of their respective nations without merely living off taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

Joslin Vethakumar

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