Chess and Corporate Success

Finesse, not Fanfare, is Key in Strategic Planning and a Quiet Execution – Two Common Links 

Winning in chess and corporate success are two fields of activity that have an obvious connection. Both require strategic planning and a quiet execution with a readiness to pounce on opportunities that open up. At the same time, a tactical approach can only be forsaken at your own risk.

Thinking deep ahead, sound time management, a distinct ability to fortify your turf and attacking the opponent with finesse are some common attributes that contribute to the desired outcome..

Also, a calm disposition enables smooth sailing as flamboyance and noise followed by fanfare are weapons in the armoury of the weak to mask failures.

Not Just Sound and Fury: Late Bobby Fischer, arguably the greatest chess player ever, was an exception. He was a temperamental genius who was not just sound and fury. His protests have always been for the right reasons.

At the world chess championship in Sochi on Saturday, Carlsen and Anand demonstrated what can go wrong at times. They both committed blunders that are hardly alien in a competitive environment.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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