Uber, Corrupt India and Crime

A serial sex offender flaunting a good character certificate is no big surprise in corrupt India. The Uber rapist appears to have got himself one but is that the level of background checks an international company such as the US-headquartered Uber will be satisfied with, particularly when operating in a country that is billed as the world’s rape capital?

The police argue the certificate is a forged one but it needs to be seen if they are saying so to save their skin. Background checks are meant to determine if a certificate is fake or genuine. Uber needs to provide details on which investigating entity they engaged for the background check, if they did one.

Reports have it that the Uber cab driver-rapist Shiv Kumar Yadav remains defiant and unapologetic which goes to show that there is no fear of the law in India where political connections save hardcore criminals.

Google, Goldman Sachs Among Uber Investors: All kinds of actions are being taken to deal with the Uber rape — including a ban on Uber in Delhi, the place of the crime. Uber, whose investors include Google and Goldman Sachs, has been involved in a spate of controversies outside India and in the US as well. Its drivers have faced sexual assault cases in other countries as well. The background checks they carry out are possibly flawed.

Now, a Mumbai company has announced it will introduce women-only cabs. As if women will not be accomplices in rape or are above crime!

Get serious guys, deal with rape first and fast — if it means death for the offenders so be it! Peripheral, shallow actions are not going to address the issue.

I cannot help recall the dictum that “a 1000 guilty people can go scot-free but not a single innocent person should be convicted.” Noble intentions, no doubt, the edifice of the Indian criminal justice system! But, if it only means that even killers and rapists will be treated with kid gloves without any serious investigations and actions (amid political influence shielding the criminals), that will be a shame!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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