Oh, what has The Times of India (ToI) done to The Hindu!

Yesterday, The Hindu newspaper app appeared to give new meaning to breaking news. A PTI report on Soundarya Rajnikanth expecting her first child was featured under “Breaking News”.

Oh, what has The Times of India (ToI) done to The Hindu!

ToI has indeed been cutting into the circulation of the country’s venerable English language newspaper that India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru called “the old lady of Mount Road”. It is also described as the “Maha Vishnu of Mount Road”. Location-based monikers for newspapers with a rich history.

The Times of India, incidentally, is referred to as the “old lady of Bori Bunder”.

When reader tastes change newspapers inevitably come under pressure to alter the values they have represented all along!

Who am I to chuckle at what dictates a newspaper’s direction? Or even to define what constitutes “breaking news”? I may have my own yardstick but it is up to those who have a stake in it to take a call on what is best for a newspaper.

Falling standards just sadden me, prompting these rumblings as an old-timer of The Hindu!

G  Joslin Vethakumar


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