Conversions Top the BJP’s Development Agenda

India, a Hindu Rashtra by 2021!

Christmas days are here again and India is bracing for full-throttle mass conversions of a different kind!

While in the past poor Hindus had faced the brunt of action from Christian missionaries and promoters of Islam, it is now payback time for Hindu entities.

The RSS and the VHS have vowed to continue with their forced conversions drive as part of their mission to make India completely Hindu, taking advantage of the presence of a fanatical government headed by the BJP’s Narendra Modi at the Centre. A Hindu Rashtra by 2021 is their goal!

So it is now clear this is the development agenda that Mr Modi had talked about during the last election campaign that saw the BJP romp home with a thumping majority that is expected to keep them in power at least until 2019.

Tide Turns Against Minorities

I think the minorities should not be unduly concerned now that the tide of induced conversions is turning against them. They started it first, so they have to face the consequences now.

As long as no violence is involved and conversions are voluntary they should have no reason to be alarmed.

Conversions have negated all the fantastic work done by Christian missionaries in the past – setting up educational institutions and hospitals throughout the country that have stood the test of time serving Indians very well.

I have always thought conversions brought discredit to Christianity. In a blog-post sometime in 2008 I had pointed out that it was one thing I hated about Christianity. My take was that religion is not a business entity that has to show numbers for survival.

Attacks on Christians

That post was after Christians in Karnataka, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh became the target of planned violence against them.

One of the first reactions of then Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa of the BJP (he is currently national vice-president of the BJP) was that Christians themselves were to blame for the wrath they incurred as the attacks were sparked by religious conversions in the State.

Worse, instead of acting quick against the culprits, he said the government would launch an investigation into allegations that some Christian groups were receiving funds to encourage conversions in the State.

The nation, unfortunately, is in the hands of such vicious people though I am happy that the Congress was routed at the polls.

Even as a student decades earlier, I had argued against conversions in whatever medium that was available to me then.

In another post, I had wished that the world would be a better place to live if the only celebrations it knew were those associated with special days such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (and not Christmas, Hari Raya/Ramzan, Deepavali, etc). I had concluded that post by pointing out that “I don’t wish to waste my time by dipping into Utopian thinking but I can hardly resist pointing out the irony in religion being the bane of society at large.”

That perhaps applies with this post as well.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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