Why do Americans Hate Facebook? Or do they Really?

I neither like nor dislike Facebook. But it looks like a lot of Americans hate it as you will find from this Venture Beat report. The American Consumer Satisfaction Index shows that Facebook and LinkedIn are among the most hated companies in the U.S., almost ranking at the bottom.

Nonetheless, its user base in the U.S. is strong at more that 200 million. It accounts for around one-fifth of its global user base that is in excess of one billion. Among them are millions of fake users.

People hating Facebook is not a new phenomenon either. The social networking pioneer has been facing such an embarrassment the last several years.

Dismal Dow Debut: That may have had nothing to do with Facebook’s dismal market debut in 2012, struggling to rise about its $38 price.

But worse was to follow when its stock started sliding, hitting $17 at one stage when analysts openly proclaimed it was an overvalued company.

As always, they were proved wrong soon when it started soaring, registering a high of $82.17 in 2014. It was just a tad lower at $78+ yesterday. So, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerbeg and the company’s investors need not be concerned about the ranting from its users.

Regular User: I am a regular user, though, sharing my thoughts on a wide range of issues, wearing the hat of a citizen journalist, with my small network of friends.

I am no social animal, so I have accepted only those who I personally know as friends, and even that only selectively.

I find it unreal that people can have thousands of friends. Generally, if anyone has more than a few hundred friends I stay clear of them as Facebook can be rabid, hindering my privacy.

Still, I have nothing to fear as I try not to post photographs there. It has nothing to do with Facebook, the pitfalls inherent in the Net are just making me tread with caution.

India, incidentally, may soon become the biggest market for Facebook. It currently has more than 100 million users in the country, second only to the U.S. Facebook expects to grow this to one billion over time. If that happens there will be no such as private and personal among Indians.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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