Cartoons, Controversy and Killing!

Fatal attacks in France on Magazine show preaching free speech will buy no peace

Cartoons, caricatures and satires are never meant to be taken seriously. Even if they carry a message, that is done through humour, not rancour. But terrorists will listen to no reason and will kill at the slightest provocation, as the death of 12 people in a vicious attack on a magazine in Paris today will show.

Some well-known French cartoonists and journalists are among the dead along with two cops and that is sad. Hats off to the police for reaching the scene within moments of the attack even if they could not help prevent the escape of the three terrorists.

The world saw some violent reactions in 2006 from terrorists and terror mongers in reaction to a cartoon on Prophet Mohammed in a Danish magazine.

Preaching free speech to them will buy no peace. Nor will any pontification of human values! Muslim scholars have in the past said that “jihad” only meant peace and not sanction for violence in the name of religion.

Such sane reasoning has not helped quell terror. I doubt it ever will. Terrorists only understand their own language and that is possibly the only way to deal with it. The world will have to stand united in the fight against terror.

But journalists also can help in the mission by showing some restraint on what they publish, without taking freedom of expression too seriously!

Funding terrorism sponsors such as Pakistan will only exacerbate the situation! The U.S. appears to be doing only that though President Barack Obama periodically issues strong statements against terror, as he has just done in his reaction to the French attack!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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