Charlie Hebdo Media victims – the oldest was 80 and the youngest 47

What Cowards Terrorists!

Nine of the 12 victims of the vicious Charlie Hebdo attack by al-Qaeda / ISIS gunmen on January 7 were veteran cartoonists / journalists.

Three of them were above 70 years old, with one of them being 80. The youngest of the media victims was Stephane Charbonnier (47), publisher of Charlie Hebdo and artist.

The oldest was Georges Wolinski (80), a cartoonist since the 1960s. The dead included Jean Cabut (76), the lead cartoonist for Charlie Hebdo, Philippe Honore (73), Bernard Maris (68), a columnist / economist, and Mustapha Ourrad (60), copy editor, cartoonist Bernard Verlhac (57), and cartoonist Elsa Cayat (54).

What cowards terrorists!

But then journalism is one profession where solid experience is valued, even required, and cowardice decried. Without rich knowledge and versatile strengths, which is almost always the result of strong experience, none can be a successful journalist! Courage is an asset!

The full list of the victims can be found here –

 G Joslin Vethakumar


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