Will Terrorists Make Germany, Europe Xenophobic?

I have not been to Germany thus far. I intend to at some stage. German was my second language at college and I struggled with it so much that I thought it would prevent me from getting my degree. Somehow I scraped through, thanks to exam-oriented coaching by my German lecturer.

I have in the past considered Germany to be a xenophobic country. As if to prove me wrong, I came across this report yesterday about a big rally in Dresden against racism with its Mayor declaring that “we would not allow hate to divide us.”

That was refreshing even if the rally itself was in response to a rising wave of anti-minority sentiment in the country.

An arson attack by Islamic radicals on a publication yesterday for reportedly reproducing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons may be a stray incident. But attacks of that nature could make the majority community in Germany nervous given that terrorists are prone to unleashing mayhem with mindless ferocity.

The increasing openness of Germany to immigration may then justifiably prompt apprehensions among its people.

Germany is a technologically advanced country with heavy focus on innovation and inventions. With a sound education system it hardly needed immigrants in its workforce. But it cannot close its doors to people with some skills (programming, for instance) who may be needed in large numbers.

They are not the ones, though, who may pose a threat to its social fabric. The same cannot be said about some low-skilled people who make it to the West.

Education does not cost much in Germany unlike in the rest of the West where it has become a racket. In fact, I hear that residents there get paid a certain sum every month towards the education of their children.

I hope that terrorists do not disturb peace and make it difficult for Germany to be open and tolerant of the minorities there.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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