Dr Swamy, Times Now Vying with Each Other for “Who is More Inane” Title?

This is a continuation of my earlier post on the media muckraking over the death of Sunanda Pushkar

Going by the kind of statements BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy has been making of late, I find it hard to believe he was in the past on the faculty of Harvard University and later IIT Delhi.

It must be an embarrassment for both these institutions to see Dr Swamy indulge in polemics with statements verging on the ludicrous day in and day out.

His latest vitriol is against former Indian Minister Dr Shashi Tharoor, who is now in a spot over the death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar more than a year ago, which the Delhi Police have now ruled as murder.

Dr Swamy, in his constant campaign to embarrass the Congress, has alleged that Dr Tharoor knows the killer. How does he know that? He even had no qualms saying that Dr Tharoor aided the murderer even while the police are just investigating. Is he just indulging in muckraking without any evidence?

Dr Tharoor, an award-winning author and a former top UN official, has asked Dr Swamy to identify the killer to the police. What are you up to Dr Swamy?

Bankruptcy?: I think Dr Tharoor must sue Dr Swamy and make him bankrupt for the wild allegations he has been shooting — they are nothing short of character assassination.

I wish India had a Singapore-type legal system which will have dealt with the likes of Dr Swamy fittingly in a manner that will keep them from making defamatory statements at will!

Dr Swamy, Times Now, Birds of the Same Feather: Dr Swamy and the Indian media, particularly the pro-BJP Times Now news channel. are just falling short of naming Dr Tharoor as the murderer?

Arnab Goswami brought into the channel some people like Dr Sanjay Dewan, who was a friend of the Tharoors, and Dr Rajat Mohan and none of them had anything meaningful to say.

Dr Dewan walked away from the channel after he figured that Arnab was not interested in listening to him. Arnab was just trying to get from Dr Dewan what he wanted to hear from him, not what he had to say. Dr Dewan plainly told him to speak to the police.

Dr Mohan also had the same message for Times Now – talk to the police for any information.

Pushing his own Agenda: Arnab was not even letting Dr Dewan give his own responses to the questions. Arnab was just trying to force Dr Dewan to say what Times Now wanted to hear from him.

Still, that did not stop Arnab from his harangue. With absolutely nothing to land the former minister in the dock, Arnab kept saying that Dr Tharoor’s “duck and dodge” strategy will come to an end today

Viewers were none the wiser from what Arnab claimed was a breakthrough Times Now investigation in the case! Shameful media politicking! I found watching it a waste of time.

Does Indian media assume they have the supreme power to do the job of the police and the judiciary as well?  Times Now appears to embody that!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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