Shazia Ilmi will be a Liability for BJP

Shazia Ilmi joining the BJP is good news for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The former TV journalist who entered politics through the AAP can be held largely responsible for preventing the party from getting independent majority in the last Delhi elections last November.Shazia Ilmi

Just before that groundbreaking poll that saw the Congress and its chief minister Sheila Dixit bite the dust Shazia Ilmi was caught on tape accepting funds for the party without a receipt in a sting operation. She lost the election and the AAP had to get outside support to form the government in Delhi.

Then in the last parliamentary elections she again courted trouble by proclaiming that Muslims are too secular, exhorting them to be communal and vote for the AAP. Not surprisingly, she lost that election as well. It was perhaps a deliberate ploy to let the AAP down by giving it a pro-Muslim communal flavour.

Sacrificial goat: But, for all her follies, she alleged that the AAP made her a sacrificial goat.

Shazia Ilmi joining the BJP now is good riddance for the AAP. Will she now ask Muslims to be communal and vote for the BJP.

With Kiran Bedi going to be the face of the BJP in the Delhi polls, it s going to be interesting watching it from the outside. Kiran Bedi, for all her anti-corruption diatribe from the Anna Hazare platform, has consistently given the impression of being a religious chauvinist.

So, Kiran Bedi will perhaps seek to garner Hindu votes while Shazia Ilmi will woo the Muslim electorate.How communal can elections get!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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