Srinivasan Wasting Time of SC is Criminal Mockery of Justice

People like N. Srinivasan, chief of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), wasting the time of the Supreme Court is a criminal mockery of justice.

It did not require supreme intelligence to decipher that Srinivasan being BCCI chief even as he owns an IPL team is an instance where a conflict of interests has been abundantly clear.

The fact that he has allowed the issue to simmer for long, without voluntarily stepping down, shows his craze for power and his money power as well.

To me, merely ruling that Srinivasan, who (with his family) owns a major stake in India Cements and Chennai Super Kings, cannot contest the BCCI elections until he gives up ownership of the IPL team is not fitting enough as he had simply held cricket in the country to ransom.

Importantly, in a country where courts take decades to decide on important cases, he has been the cause for wasting the time of judges who could have been engaged in a more meaningful way helping clear some of the backlog.

I hope he does not use any legal loopholes to circumvent the ruling and cause further trouble for India’s highest judicial body.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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