Uncle Sam’s Snub for Modi and India?

Why no R-Day invite for Kejriwal? Petty Politics!

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi must be happy that US President Barack Obama has not cancelled his visit to India altogether.

Pakistan will be happy too that Mr Obama used the Saudi excuse to skip the planned Agra trip and leave India sooner. Security concerns may have also prompted him to call off the Agra visit.

Shale Mission?: Mr Obama may have thought that with a new monarch in place in Saudi Arabia following the death of King Abdullah yesterday it was an opportune time for him to go there and seek to save American shale producers from trouble.

If OPEC cuts oil production prices will, after all, go up and protect shale interests in the U.S. and give a boost to capital markets at the expense of ordinary consumers.

The funeral of the King was conducted yesterday but world leaders are expected to visit Saudi Arabia the coming week to offer their condolences.

It does not look like there will be any breakthrough between India and the US on a nuclear deal with the latter insisting on the ability to track the material they supply. India is not ready for it.

The non-BJP Uttar Pradesh government is disappointed that a visit to Taj Mahal is off the US President’s agenda. UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav was planning to receive the US President in Agra though the Modi government had told him it was not needed.

The BJP’s reasoning was that a private visit need not warrant such a meeting.

The BJP government did not stop at that. It also did not invite former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to the Republic Day parade on January 26 where Mr Obama is the chief guest.

It is all petty politics that one can expect from Mr Modi and the BJP. Hope the BJP and Mr Modi will learn lessons from what appears to be an American snub.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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