“Mr Kejriwal is only comfortable with the grassroots and the street, not the Chair” — Kiran Bedi

This could be the BJP’s Fatal Poll Plank

A Worried BJP Brings in Senior Union Ministers to Run the Delhi Campaign!

“I see the same wave for me in Delhi as it was for Mr Modi”

When the BJP announced Mrs Kiran Bedi as the party’s chief ministerial candidate in Delhi I did not imagine she was an elitist person full of herself. Within a few days into the poll campaign, she demonstrated she was just that, capable of shooting herself in the foot day after day.

I am the woman of the moment this was one of her first statements when she landed the plum assignment. It was perhaps a euphoric reaction put forth in a fun way, so we may refrain from using it as an egotistical comment.

Arrogance, Inanities: But she has been following that up with openly arrogant and inane comments the last few days, making her and her party a laughing stock. The party’s spokesman, Sambit Patra, compounded the problem by appearing on Times Now to demonstrate that he is not second to Mrs Bedi in mouthing frivolity.

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This has got the BJP so worried that they had to scurry for some damage control that has made them decide to bring Mr Arun Jaitley to the forefront of the campaign in Delhi, along with 10 other senior Union Ministers and 70 MPs.

Arvind Kejriwal is ONLY comfortable with the grassroots and the street but not with the chair.

When she said this on NDTV today, Mrs Bedi perhaps did not realize she was implying that Mr Kejriwal was at ease with the poor and weaker sections of society whereas she is of a noble, aristocratic mould fit for chief ministership and for hobnobbing with the high and mighty.

She could not have brought up a more fatal poll plank than this.

Asked about the response from the people to her Delhi launch, she said: “It  is marked by the same wave as it was for Mr Modi.”

It will be interesting to watch how the Modi bhakts react to this claim verging on equating her with the BJP supremo!

Kejriwal is highly toxic and negative.” She went on to qualify it by saying that negativity was not her cup of tea. “It is against her nature,” she told Barkha Bhatt.

Kejriwal was someone who will hold a press conference at the drop of a hat.” It is surprising that this allegation comes from a person who has been constantly in media limelight.

I cannot accept that such a highly seasoned IPS officer of her stature could have so much hate for a former colleague (in the campaign against corruption) and have no qualms harping on it on national TV.

Let us not forget that she is saying all these about a person who is an alumni of India’s premier educational institution, the IIT (Kharagpur), held important positions and led his Aam Aadmi Party to power in Delhi last year. Mr Kejriwal was an IRS officer and a winner of the prestigious Magsaysay Award as well.

Significantly, it is worth recalling that Mr Kejriwal had donated his Magsaysay award money as a corpus fund to found the Public Cause Research Foundation, a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

Mrs Bedi has impressive academic credentials as well – a BA in English, Master’s in Social Science and a PhD in Social Sciences from the IIT. She is a Magsaysay award winner, too!

Kejriwal is so sob-sob…. this was Mrs Bedi’s reaction when Mr Kejriwal questioned why he was not invited to the Republic Day parade whereas she was there occupying a seat in the front row. Her message was that he should have joined the BJP if he wanted to attend the parade.

One of her boasts is also a compliment to Mr Kejriwal. She said: Kejriwal even offered to make me the chief minister the last time.” Does this not show that Mr Kejriwal was not after power?

Obama has come and all of India is flying. Modi has done so much. Obama would not just have come like that,” said Ms Bedi at an election meeting yesterday. Some BJP contestants have also launched posters with Mr Obama to take electoral mileage out of what was essentially an arrangement between two countries.

The age-old adage that “All is fair in love and war” can now be extended to cover politics and elections!

G Joslin Vethakumar



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