Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Columbia – All Waiting for Kiran Bedi!

Should Delhi Get Out of Her Grasp, She Will Head to Glorious West!!!

Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Columbia are waiting with bated breath for Mrs Kiran Bedi (66) to grace their hallowed portals and speak to their students!

305892-kiran-bedi-ptiShe has received speaking offers from them all and she has put them on hold only because she is contesting the Delhi election as the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate. Or so she claims!

But then she was pushed onto the scene only two weeks ago, so did she get all those offers prior to that?

I give her the benefit of doubt, I do not wish to question whether she has all those plum assignments from the very best universities in her kitty.

The West if She Loses, Delhi if She Wins!

But what gives away her “so-full-of-herself” attitude is her shameless claim that if she loses the elections she will go to Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge or Columbia.

I am not inventing it, Mrs Kiran Bedi herself said so in an interview to The Times of India.

What will be her decision if she wins her Assembly seat but the AAP is able to form the Government in Delhi? Will she stay on or will she forsake Delhi in favour of Western climes?

She had already made it clear that the grassroots and the street are for Arvind Kejriwal while the Chair is what she is made out for, directly or indirectly! Delhi and its people are not for her if she is not given power!

So, her directive to the Delhi electorate is this: “If you want my services, vote for the BJP. Otherwise, I will head to the U.K. or the U.S.”

G Joslin Vethakumar



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