BJP’s Continuing Blooper Streak

The entry of Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have brought the BJP back into the game in Delhi, giving the AAP led by Mr Arvind Kejriwal, an IIT Kharagpur alumni and Magsaysay winner, a fright.

But there appears to be no end to the stream of bloopers flowing out of the BJP in the run-up to the Delhi elections. So it is not just the party’s chief ministerial candidate, Mrs Kiran Bedi, who is an embarrassment, even its senior leaders are adding to the goof-ups.

It is not their bloopers that is worrisome for the BJP, what is harming the party is their foul campaign against the AAP.

In its desperation to win over the AAP, which has been the frontrunner thus far, the BJP has made a smear campaign against the AAP a key part of its poll strategy.

BJP’s Smear Campaign   BJP’s Bloopers
Donation issue: The BJP has pounced on the donation issue, conspiring with disgruntled elements from the AAP to mount a vicious tirade against Mr Kejriwal.

In the last elections also, they did something similar when the AAP’s Shazia Ilmi allowed herself to be caught in a sting operation, caught accepting funds on camera without a receipt.

She was perhaps a BJP mole even then as that incident is largely responsible for the AAP failing to get an independent majority, with Shazia herself losing the election.

Let us not forget that the BJP is not transparent about the donations it gets.

The BJP is said to have spent more than Rs 10,000 crores in the 2014 elections, believed to have cost all parties US$ 5 billion.

There is no meaning in raking the AAP donations up as if they wanted to hide it why will they put it on their website?

The AAP wants the Govt to probe the donations and release the finding before Feb 7 and prosecute them if they are guilty. What more can critics expect?

Today, they went a step further by writing to the Supreme Court for an enquiry into all donations received by the AAP, the BJP and Congress.

  1. Its vision statement shows people from the North-East as immigrants and, when protests surface, the party retracts and removes the reference.
  2. The BJP puts a garlanded portrait of Anna Hazare in its advertisements and defends it (Mrs Nirmala Seetharaman)  saying it is only a caricature. She appeared to claim some poetic licence to show living people as dead in cartoons!
  3. In another advertisement, it appears to attack Mr Kejriwal’s Agarwal community and then stands by it with the argument that it was only used as a figure of speech and a metaphor.
  4. “If you want my services, vote for the BJP. Otherwise, I will head to the U.K. or the U.S.” – Mrs Bedi
  5. I am the woman of the moment” – Mrs Bedi said on being named the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate.
  6. “Arvind Kejriwal is just playing sob-sob. If he wanted to attend the R-Day parade, he should join the BJP” – Mrs Bedi
  7. Kiran Bedi rejected the idea of a debate with Kejriwal, saying she did not want a tamasha. She was ready only for a debate in the House. She thus cared little about voters and assumed she would be chief minister.
  8. “Arvind Kejriwal is ONLY comfortable with the grassroots and the street but not with the chair.

Mrs Bedi perhaps did not realize she was implying that Mr Kejriwal was at ease with the poor and weaker sections of society whereas she is of a noble, aristocratic mould fit for chief ministership and for hobnobbing with the high and mighty.

Come February 10, India will know who will get to rule Delhi. While the fight has got tougher, I wish the AAP is able to get independent majority and form the government there.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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