Kiran Bedi can now go to Oxford, Harvard or Columbia!

Only they will have to decide if they want a loser, an unscrupulous opportunist in their midst!

A stellar career as a top police officer, a clean personal record and recognition by the people as a principled crusader for a corruption-free India!

Kiran bedi what went wrong

Mrs Kiran Bedi had it all, commanding respect among all sections of the population across India.

But she wrecked it all by throwing herself into the electoral ring, ditching her comrades in the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement and, in a show of unscrupulous opportunism, joining hands with the BJP and delivering bloopers one after the other.

In the end, even what was deemed a safe BJP haven could not save its chief ministerial candidate, Mrs Bedi, from biting the dust.

Unbecoming: In a manner unbecoming of the stature she had, Mrs Bedi pulled out every trick from her bag of miscalculated opportunism to ensure a win.

It was a gamble, a miscalculation! With the Modi wave helping the BJP sweep the Lok Sabha elections, she did not realize that Prime Minister Modi had no political clout in Delhi, the country’s capital city completely put off by the arrogance of the BJP.

From invoking the name of US President Barack Obama to shamelessly saying that her AAP counterpart, Mr Arvind Kejriwal, is just a man for the streets and not fit for the chair, she showed her and the BJP’s desperation in every action.

empowering-womanBut the Krishna Nagar electorate saw through her cheap attitude and gave her what she deserved — humiliation at the hustings.

Mrs Bedi was doing very well as a key member of Anna Hazare’s IAC movement. She had even visited Singapore in October 2012 to speak at some events and spread the message of the need for a corruption-free India. All that was lost the moment she joined the BJP, another corrupt party hardly different from the Congress.

Mrs Bedi can now go back to Oxford, Harvard or Cambridge as she had claimed during the campaign. Only now, those hallowed institutions will have to think if they would want a political opportunist in their midst.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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