Technology, Terminology and the Smart Island

What’s in a Name – Old Wine in a New Bottle?

The web of technology has seen changes in terminology often accompanying what may simply mean old wine in a new bottle.

Just-combine-a-few-old-wine-bottles-with-string-lightsIndeed for all the magic that emerging technologies weave around the Web they tend to get trapped in a terminological mesh.

Even as the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the new frontier revolutionising the way we live, it is the evolution of an idea that could be traced to M2M (Machine to Machine) communications.

But, wait a minute, what then is the Internet of Everything (IoE)? Does the use of multiple names to convey what is essentially an identical concept make sense?

Are tech businesses at loggerheads with one another in the race for one-upmanship? When trends get stronger is it necessary to dabble in marketing ploys and go for twists in nomenclature? To me, it is largely a branding game just as companies keep changing their corporate logos to draw marketing mileage. When innovations slow they need an excuse to market themselves.

IOE CiscoCloud and the Network Computer

We all know that the cloud has been making waves the last few years but what makes it different from the network computer that Sun Microsystems conceptualised about two decades ago.

Have we forgotten their tagline, “the network as a computer”? Sun then thought it would be the beginning of the end of Microsoft’s domination!

Sun may have been ahead of its time then, but today Microsoft remains as powerful as ever though the likes of Google and Facebook have earned a niche for themselves thanks to the Internet and the might of social networking.

What are “Things”?

Let’s get back to the IoT. Just what are the “Things” that IoT refers to?

  • Does the expression adequately capture the essence of technology-enabled transformations the world has begun to expect?
  • Doesn’t it sound too rudimentary when it represents change steeped in sophistication?
  • Is that why Cisco Systems likes to give it a little twist while embracing what it calls the Internet of Everything (IoE)?

what-is-cloud-technologyThe “things” in IoT can be anything that is assigned an IP address and embedded with sensors to build intelligence into everything that could mean a world of difference to society.

The “thing” could mean a person, an animal or even a thing (object) facilitating smart communications, equipped as they are with the necessary apparatus for transfer of data over a network.

Singapore and the Smart Island Factor

silogo01newNew-generation concepts gain traction in modern, forward-looking countries such as Singapore that is now into its 50th year of Independence. A milestone that has prompted the launch of Smart Island, a portal designed to:

  • stimulate debate in a spirit of intellectual freedom with responsible restraint which can make its citizens keep aside the fear factor deterring free speech
  • celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50) in alignment with its tradition of innovation and technological excellence, and
  • evolve into an all-embracing e-commerce platform with primary focus on the youth.

Tech Overhaul

Exciting happenings await Singaporeans as the Government has set about to give the country a technological overhaul to give them rich experiences in every sphere of activity by turning data into meaningful actions.

MerlionHere are a few things that will combine to make Singapore the world’s first Smart Nation by 2025, transforming life for its citizens.

  • Internet of Everything / Internet of Things / M2M communications
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cutting-Edge Sensors
  • Wearable Technologies with meaningful applications (monitoring health, for instance)

To that extent, Smart Island is a relevant launch – an idea conceived in year 2000 but born only in 2015!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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